Are You Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Foods?

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Published on July 24, 2014

Author: eavestroughMississau



Are You Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Foods?: Are You Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Foods? PowerPoint Presentation: If you are feeding your dog a strict diet of commercial dog food, there is an excellent chance that you are providing a balanced diet for your dog. By feeding your dog a balanced, nutritional diet you can increase his life span by several years. A nutritious meal for your dog would be made up of quality meat as a base. One of the dog food secrets that come to light if you search is that intestines, tripe, liver or intestines can increase the purine levels in your dog. This can eventually lead to kidney problems and joint problems. It is not advisable to feed your dog raw food because it may cause parasites if there is any sign of contamination. PowerPoint Presentation: We often hear about the importance of reading labels on human food. It is equally important to read the labels on your dog food labels. There is a great number of dog food secrets. If your commercially prepared food does not have animal meat as its main ingredient, pass it by. Meat by products should be avoided. Meat by products can be hooves, chicken feet, hair and other waste products. PowerPoint Presentation: If your dog is suffering from allergies or food intolerance, the dog's diet could be the problem. Dog food secrets are what give the manufacturer its profit. It is up to the owner to determine the hidden ingredients in food. Preservatives and additives contribute to the intolerance in dogs with delicate digestive systems. Here again the owner needs to know. You have to read the label. PowerPoint Presentation: The ideal situation is to prepare your dogs food at home. A home cooked diet will assure you that there are no dog food secrets to uncover in your dog's diet. By basing your dog's diet on a good protein and building from there, you will have a chance to improve your dogs health and lengthen their life span by a considerable number of years. It can be very time-consuming, but it is well worth it. PowerPoint Presentation: You should not include canned human foods in your dog's diet for the same reasons that you should refrain from commercial foods. They contain excessive amounts of sodium and some also have preservatives. Not only there are dog food secrets but there are human food secrets as well. Resources: PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you for reading!

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