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Published on July 28, 2014

Author: Jacobbrown



PowerPoint Presentation: Are you interested in making a career as Patient care Technician (PCT)? PowerPoint Presentation: You may find varied PCT training programs to enter in the ever-changing health care field PowerPoint Presentation: Know the comprehensive course under PCT training PowerPoint Presentation: PCT program focus on essential skill building including Radiology, Occupational Therapy, Advanced Home Health Aide, HIV/Aids awareness training, Respiratory and Geriatric skills and many more to add PowerPoint Presentation: How does PCT program prepares you? PowerPoint Presentation: PCT training program enables you to provide direct care to individuals and gain technical expertise to offer effective clinical assistance to patients PowerPoint Presentation: Performing electrocardiograms Collecting blood Recording vital signs of patients Instruction in physiology and anatomy Understanding the body functions and its related illness The program train you to perform clinical tasks as PowerPoint Presentation: Does this program provides hands on training? PowerPoint Presentation: You are given hands on training to work alongside with the doctors and other health care professionals to monitor patients Also, externship give students the practical knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in healthcare PowerPoint Presentation: Duration of PCT training PCT training requires a full-time commitment for nearly six to eight weeks from the participants. PowerPoint Presentation: Criteria to enter training institute Extensive background check Proof of immunization Drug screen Physical examination Ability to lift up to 50 pounds Applicants must meet all the screening and testing requirements: PowerPoint Presentation: For PCT training Program Contact Florida Vocational Institutes Address:  6840 S.W. 40th Street Suite 211-A Miami, FL: 33155 E-mail : [email protected] Phone : 305-665-1911

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