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Published on July 25, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: AREVA T&D at a glance Updated March 2009 Content: Content AREVA Group overview AREVA T&D overview AREVA T&D in China Energy: our core business: Energy: our core business OTHER SOURCES OF ELECTRIC POWER Transmission Renewable energies Reactors Fuel fabrication Enrichment Chemistry Mining Used fuel treatment Recycling MOX fuel fabrication Services Front End Division Reactors and Services Division Back End Division Transmission & Distribution Division Distribution AREVA: a recognized leader: AREVA: a recognized leader World leader in energy business No. 1 in the entire nuclear cycle One of the top three players in power transmission and distribution Mission of the Group Innovate to contribute to ever safer, cleaner and economical CO 2 -free power generation and electricity transmission and distribution 2008 sales: Over €13.1B 75,000 employees Content: Content AREVA Group overview AREVA T&D overview AREVA T&D in China Transmission and Distribution (T&D) represents one third of AREVA turnover: Transmission and Distribution (T&D) represents one third of AREVA turnover Transmission & Distribution Robust growth through mergers & acquisitions: Acquisition of Sprecher & Schuh Acquisition of AEG Acquisition of Cegelec - T&D Acquisition of CEM Alsthom Merger with GEC 1996 1986 1928 1983 1988 1998 Robust growth through mergers & acquisitions Acquisition of RITZ High-Voltage 2006 2004 Alstom T&D becomes AREVA T&D 2007 Acquisition of Passoni & Villa; Nokian Capacitors 2008 Acquisition of Waltec & RB Watkins Strong global presence: Strong global presence 2008 sales €5.08B Employees > 25,200 Full portfolio of power transmission and distribution solutions to support utilities and electro-intensive industries eg power generation, rail transport, oil & gas, metals & mining Our businesses: Our businesses PRODUCTS SYSTEMS AUTOMATION SERVICE Turnkey Transmission Projects Turnkey Distribution Projects Power Electronics 29 sites in 26 countries HV Switchgear Power and Distribution Transformers Measurement Transformers MV Switchgear 54 sites in 25 countries Products Systems Support 3 competence centers 7 product assembly sites 18 engineering centers Network Consulting Erection & Commissioning Maintenance & Repair & Retrofit Spare Parts Training and Expertise Customer Solutions Asset Care 40 service centers Complete T&D solutions: Complete T&D solutions Products Circuit Breakers Generator Circuit Breakers Disconnectors Gas-Insulated Substations Instrument Transformers Power Transformers Primary Distribution Secondary Distribution Distribution Transformers Systems Substations Power Electronics Power Distribution Automation Automation Support Automation Products Automation Systems Service Maintenance & Repair Total Asset Care Erection & Commissioning Retrofit Spare Parts Training & Network Consulting Leadership positions: Leadership positions EMS Disconnectors GIS SPS Aluminum Instrument Transformers HVDC* * Excluding China Gas-Insulated Substation Energy Management Systems High Voltage Direct Current Special Product Suppliers Expanding product portfolio : Expanding product portfolio PACiS 4.5 GIS F35-5 bay PIX High for Nuclear Segment 100% Vegetable oil Power Transformer Top core Current Transformer MaxSine SVC Power transformer MS 3000 Monitoring Accelerating R&D investment to differentiate through innovation: Accelerating R&D investment to differentiate through innovation PRODUCTS Existing products New products AUTOMATION 3.3% 4% R&D / sales Average 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 115 115 200 0 50 100 150 200 250 R&D expenditures (M€) R&D / sales X 2 Source: AREVA Content: Content AREVA Group overview AREVA T&D overview AREVA T&D in China Historical overview : Long-time presence and accelerating expansion since 2000 ASPA in Shanghai Automation ASX and AVX in Xiamen PDS SHT in Suzhou GIS AST in Shanghai PTR SAS in Suzhou PDS&SDS SHV in Suzhou CBR JV with Sunten 3 DSC JVs JV with Huadian Wuxi & Yangzhou GIS JVs New PTR factory Partnership with CEPRI PRT JV with Shanghai Electric 2007 & 2008 2006 2002 1992 2001 2003 2007 Historical overview RMC in Shanghai ITR PowerPoint Presentation: AREVA in China More than 3,000 employees (including minority JV) Over 2,800 employees for T&D AREVA locations in China AREVA Beijing Consulting, WOFE, AREVA’s headquarters in China 12 T&D sales offices 13 T&D manufacturing sites 4 offices for nuclear business + project teams 2 JVs for nuclear business More than €735M sales ¹ in 2008 Nuclear business: €370M T&D business: €365M T&D investment in China More than €288M 1 Sales by destination in 2008 (not including the products manufactured in China and exported overseas) AREVA T&D presence in China: AREVA T&D presence in China AREVA T&D entities in China: AREVA T&D entities in China China Technology Center: China Technology Center Located in Shanghai & already started operation Initial investment is RMB180 million, with 350 local Chinese R&D engineers and specialists to be recruited by 2012 Strong focus on activities in which China is a global leader UHVDC and UHVAC Cultivate closer relationships with academic and industrial partners, and tap potential talents Support T&D`s Chinese Centres of Competence Be our Asian testing centre 1200 kV AC 800 kV DC (no MVU-tests) Training center and workshop Key references in China: Key references in China 500kV power transformers Shanxi EPC Yuncheng Substation Shanghai EPC Yanggao Substation Daya Bay and LingAo Nuclear Power Plants GIS 500kV underground substation for 2010 China Expo in Shanghai 550kV GIS for Beijing EPC Haidian project 500kV GIS for Huizhou pump storage power plant in Guangdong Medium voltage switchgear Shanghai Metro Line 8 & 9 Phase II project Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Chengdu Metro Line 1 Disconnectors Leading player in China Key references in China: Key references in China Automation e-terra Vision for North China Grid About 500 sets of line differential protection P540 used in 500kV Instrument transformers Bushing for SGCC’s first 1100kV transmission line Circuit breakers More than 8,000 installations of Live Tank circuit breakers installed in China with zero failures during operations 2008 Beijing Olympics HVDC & FACTS Ningdong-Shandong HVDC link Three Georges HVDC Project (Gezhou Dam to Shanghai) Sino-Russia Back to Back grid connection in Heilongjiang province Systems Turkey project/substation for Michelin’s new plant in China PowerPoint Presentation: 22 AREVA T&D Your partner for success 22

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