Assotech Breeze Offering Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon

Information about Assotech Breeze Offering Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon

Published on August 6, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: ASSOTECH LIMITED ABOUT ASSOTECH LIMITED: ABOUT ASSOTECH LIMITED Assotech Ltd. with a motto to build ‘Next Generation Spaces aims to change the meaning of Real Estate Development in the country by creating tailor made world class Residential, Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, & Healthcare projects. ASSOTECH LIMITED RESIDENTIALPROJECTS: ASSOTECH LIMITED RESIDENTIALPROJECTS ASSOTECH BREEZE GURGAON: ASSOTECH BREEZE GURGAON Assotech Breeze is the new upcoming residential project at Sector 88B Gurgaon. It will be developed by one of the leading developers of India, Assotech Group at the most preferabl e location in Gurgaon. ASSOTECH BREEZE PRICE PLAN: ASSOTECH BREEZE PRICE PLAN LOCATION ADVANTAGES OF ASSOTECH BREEZE: LOCATION ADVANTAGES OF ASSOTECH BREEZE 1- 7 minutes drive by way of 150 m Northern Peripheral Expressway road 2-Fastest connectivity to Terminal 3 IGI Airport PowerPoint Presentation: Keeping in touch with us is easy. We appreciate your queries. We strive to respond to your questions as promptly as we can. For Bookings in Assotech Limited Contact: We Care Invest +91 8447730206 [email protected]

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Assotech Breeze Gurgaon Property
03. 09. 2014

Assotech Breeze Gurgaon Property