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Published on July 29, 2014

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Attention Foreign Companies Doing Business in Australia : Attention Foreign Companies Doing Business in Australia PowerPoint Presentation: If you are doing business in Australia and need to bring over skilled employees to assist your clients or to run your operations in Australia, here’s how you can do it for the short term or the long-term! Foreign firms doing business in Australia often need to bring in specialised skilled workers to support their business in Australia. PowerPoint Presentation: For instance, companies selling specialised equipment, building manufacturing plans, offering aftersales support and or training can benefit by bringing workers that are skilled in the implementation of their products or services. PowerPoint Presentation: For workers that need to be in Australia for 46 days or less there is the 400 class temporary stay visa. This is a quick application for workers going to perform specific specialised tasks that cannot easily be fulfilled by local workers. There is a small application charge and a decision from the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection) can generally be expected in a matter of days. PowerPoint Presentation: For longer stays there is the 457 Temporary Work Skilled visa, valid for 4 years and renewable for an additional 4 years. 457 workers must be deployed under a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) granted by the Australian government to the Australian or foreign company.One of the key requirements for a Standard Business Sponsorship, or SBS, is meeting the training expenditure requirement. PowerPoint Presentation: However, companies that do not have a formal presence in the country are exempt from this requirement. The sponsorship is good for 3 years and can be renewed.Some of the requirements for foreign businesses include 2 years of audited financial statements, company registration and business profile information from the home country authorities and your Australian business plan. PowerPoint Presentation: Also a copy of the contract and an invitation from the firm you are doing business with.The nomination and visa applications and requirements are similar to those of workers going to Australian business sponsors. For more details and a consultation contact as at Yangwha Australia .

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