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Published on January 4, 2010

Author: aSGuest35214



AUTOMATIC VEHICLE LOCATORUSING GPS TECHNOLOGY : AUTOMATIC VEHICLE LOCATORUSING GPS TECHNOLOGY Submitted by A.RAVI.RAM.SANJEEV 06T91A0434 E.C.E INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Is your car or a vehicle stolen or is it not visible in the thickest snow or is one among the several cars present? Do you want to know the arrival of the bus for which you are waiting? Are your children going alone in a vehicle and you want to track their moments? Does your cargo consists of costly load and want to protect them? Do you want to keep track of your little playing kids about where they are? THE SOULTION OF ALL ABOVE QUESTIONS IS AVL TECHNOLOGY AVL TECHNOLOGY : AVL TECHNOLOGY It is a computer based vehicle tracking system REAL TIME TRACKING Acts as EMERGENGY COMMUNICATION Latest AVL Technology is GPS Technology GPS RECEIVER : GPS RECEIVER Dispatch centre : Dispatch centre TRACKING VEHICLE : TRACKING VEHICLE TRACKING AT HOME : TRACKING AT HOME MAPPING : MAPPING BLOCK DIAGRAM : BLOCK DIAGRAM USES : USES Vehicle location display in real time Recording of arrival and departure times Monitoring of driving practices(speed) Alerts if vehicle leaves or enters defined area APPLICATIONS : APPLICATIONS IN MILITARY GEO-CACHING WEBSITES IN CARGO & CHILD TRACKING CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION TRACK ANYTHING:

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