Awesome Feeling Through Kerala Ayurveda Treatment

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Published on August 8, 2014

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Kerala Ayurveda Treatment: - By Kerala Ayurveda Treatment PowerPoint Presentation: Ayurveda says that human body is calm of a collection of three bio-energies named as "Doshas". We have different quantities of each Dosha in our body. These powerful energies have an effect on all of human bodily functions. PowerPoint Presentation: Kerala ayurveda treatment is not only a simple health care system but also it assists to heal your sickness permanently along with this it balances your entire body, soul and mind also. Each treatment procedure ensures you to provide absolutely zero side effect. PowerPoint Presentation: Ayurveda treatment includes lots of therapies with internal and external medicines originated from plants. The famous Panchakarma therapy is one of the essential part of Ayurveda. This medication believes in head off the toxins existing in the human tissues. PowerPoint Presentation: As we know that Ayurveda has received lots of recognitions from the ancient days. It can be considered as father of medical science. For this, lots of people prefer this natural healing process in order to get obviate their diseases. Find Us: Find Us Dr. Jayaprakash Dharma Ayurveda, Ayirooppara, Thiruvananthapuram, South Kerala, South India Pin:695584 Phone No.- 094 95 669999 Website: PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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