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Published on July 17, 2014

Author: jagdeep.rufouz



Azeotropic Distillation : Azeotropic Distillation Entrainer based Industrial Azeotropes Separation PowerPoint Presentation: Azoetropic solution can be homogenous and Heterogeneous solution to separate both mixture different azeotropic distillation method has been employed in the industries as per the sample content and the chemical process need Example of Azeotropic Distillation in Industrial Sector : Example of Azeotropic Distillation in Industrial Sector Acetone can be used an efficient entrainer in the separation of the isopropanol and water Water is an entrainer used in the separation of the n- butanol and n-butyl acetate Water can be used as an entrainer is the separation of the component diethoxymethane / butanol . PowerPoint Presentation: To select an efficient entrainer required in the separation of the azeotropic mixture RCM technology is one of the best methods to be used in the azeotropic distillation . The technology has been recognized in the industrial application as a reliable and validated method for the identification of entrainer .

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