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Published on December 14, 2007

Author: klevine



The Aztecs:  The Aztecs By Kate Levine Economics:  Economics Farming:  Farming Farming methods:  Farming methods Not enough land to farm Built small islands to increase amount of farmland Islands were made of soil that was rich in nutrients and ideal for growing Slavery:  Slavery Rules of Slavery :  Rules of Slavery Aztec slavery was very different from European slavery Not hereditary (the children of slaves were born free) They could own possessions and be freed if they proved they were married to or had children with their masters A person could receive slavery as a punishment Escaping slavery:  Escaping slavery If you ran away successfully, you were considered free If you were bad, you could be forced to wear a collar and potentially sold as a sacrifice Military:  Military Goals of War:  Goals of War Goals 1:  Goals 1 Get captives Conquer smaller city states Expand the Aztec empire Collect tribute Become nobility:  Become nobility War was the only time that a commoner could earn nobility by being a good warrior and capturing a lot of sacrifices Four warriors:  Four warriors Jaguar Warrior:  Jaguar Warrior Government:  Government Social Classes:  Social Classes 4 classes:  4 classes Nobility Commoner Slaves Law and Courts:  Law and Courts the way they worked:  the way they worked They had a jury Sometimes the emperor was the judge The emperor’s word was always the final judgment Court pic:  Court pic Punishments:  Punishments Very harsh punishments Death was a very common punishment Other punishments included being sold into slavery, having all your possessions taken away, or having your children sold into slavery Writing:  Writing What kind??:  What kind?? Not phonetic Used for many things We know a lot more about the Aztecs than other people because we can read their writing Ex 1 writing:  Ex 1 writing Ex 2 writing:  Ex 2 writing Technology:  Technology Inventions:  Inventions They improved their farming by making islands that helped their crops They learned a lot about medicine They created a 365 day calendar Circle sticking its tongue out:  Circle sticking its tongue out Art:  Art ideals:  ideals Statues were very important Represented gods, animals, and ideals of humans Fat god statue:  Fat god statue Double headed serpent:  Double headed serpent Sideways circle:  Sideways circle Square head statue:  Square head statue Thin pointy statue:  Thin pointy statue Architecture:  Architecture Homes:  Homes Info about homes:  Info about homes Nobles and commoners homes were similar Nobles houses were more elaborately decorated and larger Both houses had four rooms They all had a bedroom, a kitchen, a shrine, and an eating area Temples:  Temples Info about temples:  Info about temples They were supposed to be very big and grand All cities wanted their temples to be the biggest They would build on top of the old temple to make it bigger or taller Tall tan temple:  Tall tan temple Temple with trees:  Temple with trees Religion:  Religion Gods:  Gods Info about gods:  Info about gods There are three main gods Huitzilopochtli – god of war and the sun Tezcatlipoca – leader of the gods Quetzalcoatl – god of civilization and learning There are also many other other less important gods Tezcatlipoca :  Tezcatlipoca Huitzilopochtli :  Huitzilopochtli Quetzalcoatl :  Quetzalcoatl Sacrifice:  Sacrifice Info about sacrifice:  Info about sacrifice Practiced frequently among the Aztecs Done to appease the gods and to keep the world functioning Often they would hold a victim down and cut out their heart sacrifice ouch:  sacrifice ouch THE END:  THE END

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