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Published on December 2, 2019

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2. Description Katherine Spencer was a fiction editor before turning to a full-time career as a writer. The author of more than thirty books, she also writes the Angel Island series, as well as the Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries under her real name, Anne Canadeo. She lives with her husband and daughter in a small village on the Long Island Sound. Outside of her office, she is active in many community charity projects. Read more Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter One� It wasn't her real home, not the way most people meant that word. It wasn't the remote, dusty village of Deep Wells, Arizona, where she lived with her husband and children, or even the Boston suburb where she had been raised. Liza had only lived on Angel Island a little over four years before she and Daniel were married and moved away. But as they drew closer, she felt a key slowly turn in a lock somewhere deep within and a door swinging open. She felt excited and peaceful at the same time. Angel Island was not her official zip code, but it was the place her heart called home.� His hands on the wheel, Daniel turned from watching the road to glance at her. 'Detour through the village or straight to the bridge?'� She was curious see to Cape Light's Main Street again, but eagerness to reach the island won out easily.� 'Let's just get there. Claire is probably standing at the door by now. I sent her a text when we got off the highway.'� Daniel smiled. 'I bet she is. I can't wait to see her.'� 'Me neither.' Liza was so tired, she had dozed off during the drive from Boston's Logan Airport. Wide awake now, she watched familiar landmarks roll by, the vague shapes she could discern in the darkness-the winter woods and stretches of tall marsh grass, the sign for Potter Orchard and one directing them to the island, straight ahead.� Deep inside, she knew it all by heart. She had missed this place, though she didn't admit it much.� She glanced into the back seat. Max and Charlotte had been squirming like excited puppies all day; airplane seat belts could barely contain them. Now they were fast asleep, their small faces sweet and-deceptively-angelic looking.� 'Should I wake the kids?'� Daniel shook his head. 'Let them sleep. They're exhausted. It's too dark to see much anyway.'� 'Yes, it is. It will be like a first visit for them. I'm not sure if Max remembers anything from last time. Charlotte was a baby.'� 'How long has it been?'� 'About two years. Max was three and Charlotte was just two months.'� 'That long, really?'� Liza heard a twinge of guilt in his tone. She felt the same. They had stayed away so long, though it hadn't been intentional. Their initial plan was to live in Arizona six months out of the year and return to the island in the summers to run the inn. That schedule had only lasted a year. Daniel's job share with another doctor at the clinic had unraveled and he had made a full-time commitment.� About the same

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