Barry Brooksby Educates his Clients about Infinite Banking and Wealth

Information about Barry Brooksby Educates his Clients about Infinite Banking and Wealth

Published on August 11, 2014

Author: austinjohnse



PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby Educates his Clients about Infinite Banking and Wealth Planning Strategies PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby , helped in setting up a multi-million dollar real estate empire. He has been involved in the financial and real estate industry for over 14 years. He specializes in framing wealth and protection strategies and is a co-founder of Optic Financial. His financial strategy experience and extensive involvement in real estate has given him the tools to assist clients in implementing proven wealth strategies. PowerPoint Presentation: With the comprehensive knowledge he possess about framing unique strategies, he also assists clients to reap maximum profits over time with the least risks involved. During his professional journey, he has been a part of several companies and played an important role in the growth of those companies. After working with both real estate and financial companies, he has developed a vision of seizing opportunities and businesses with more clarity. PowerPoint Presentation: His keen observation and analytical skills have evolved to better assist clients in growing their wealth prior to retirement and assisting them to have more spendable income in retirement. When creating wealth and protection strategies for his clients, Barry Brooksby maintains comprehensive education and teaching appointments with his clients while in the process. This gives his clients more certainty and peace of mind. PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby is also a Strategic Partner with Paradigm Life & a licensed Infinite Banking Practitioner. He assists clients with asset optimization, which can increase wealth and benefits to the clients from all walks of life. Other than helping clients in resolving their financial issues, he also assists them with real estate consulting. PowerPoint Presentation: When not working as a wealth and protection strategist, he enjoys playing guitar, mountain and road biking, hiking with family and playing golf. Find out more about him by browsing through or check out his LinkedIn profile at PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Barry Brooksby

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Barry Brooksby
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Barry Brooksby