Barry Brooksby Is 14 Year Experienced Wealth & Protection Strategist

Information about Barry Brooksby Is 14 Year Experienced Wealth & Protection Strategist

Published on July 30, 2014

Author: austinjohnse



PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby Is a 14 Year Experienced Wealth and Protection Strategist PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby is an accomplished wealth and protection strategist who has comprehensive knowledge of systematic financial planning processes. He has experience of over 14 years in creating successful and proven strategies based on evaluating risks and returns. After working in many companies, he gained expertise in dealing with real estate strategies and making worthy investments. PowerPoint Presentation: Born in Mesa, Arizona, Barry Brooksby started taking interest in real estate investments at a very young age because his parents were involved in this industry. So, he keenly observed them and learned tactics of investing, asset protection and financial planning. He has great skills of strategic planning, asset management and protection, investments, team building and financial analysis. PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby believes in maintaining great relationships between family, friends, clients and investors. He has great leadership skills. With his proven wealth and protection strategies, he has surpassed the expectations of many of his clients. PowerPoint Presentation: Delivering tremendous amount of efficiency and productivity to his company “Optic Financial”, he expects positive outcomes with all clients. He has been formerly securities licensed giving him an “inside” look at what truly goes on in the brokerage and financial planning world. He keeps himself updated and educated about Infinite Banking and wealth strategy planning and the latest technology and software to deliver the best experience to his clients. PowerPoint Presentation: Barry Brooksby is a complete family man and loves spending quality time with his family who resides in St. George, Utah. He is an avid guitar player. He is also fond of mountain biking and hiking. He also plays golf. Find out more about him by browsing through or check out his LinkedIn profile at PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Barry Brooksby

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Barry Brooksby
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Barry Brooksby