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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: normawrites



PowerPoint Presentation: Write ● Publish ●Connect A little about… Photo: Free Digital by Stock Images It all began with…: It all began with… I’d love to help people (especially women) jumpstart and complete their book writing goals but have a fun and fabulous time doing it! So in Book Besties™ Workshops you’ll get a little of this…: So in Book Besties™ Workshops you’ll get a little of this… …and some of this: …and some of this With lots of this!: With lots of this! And a few goodies…: And a few goodies… All to help you finish…: All to help you finish… Photo: Free Digital Adamar And we can all do this!: And we can all do this! Workshops! : Workshops! Besties, Book Writing & Brunch!™ Supportive, fun, encouraging group to receive substantive information to jumpstart the book writing process! Besties, Book Writing & Brunch: Package, Publish & Promote! ™ How to put it all together and sell it! Editing ● Publishing Options ● Branding Upcoming! : Upcoming! Book Bestie Bites ™ (Mini Live & On-line workshops) Book Bestie Connects ™ (Live events with guest speakers, networking and relaxation!) Book Bestie Workshop ™ Tour (2015) various major cities in the U.S. Book Bestie Beach Retreat ™ (location TBA – 2016) Oh…a little more about your : Oh…a little more about your Creator & Visionary Norma L. Jarrett : Norma L. Jarrett Is a bestselling author of 8 titles. Her work has been featured in: And…: And… She wants to build a positive community of confident, excited, accomplished writers and have a blast doing it! She’s not a “life coach” but she’s a “BOOK LIFE” COACH! # Thatsall Learn more about Norma, Book Besties™ & her books at PowerPoint Presentation: Because Purpose & Passion Should be fun!

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