Beat the heat at Palm Springs Golf Clubs

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Published on August 5, 2014

Author: LaQuintaCClub



PowerPoint Presentation: Beat the Heat While Playing Golf at Palm Desert Country Club Are you an avid golf player, but the heat is not letting you play at the Palm Desert Country Club ? The Palm Springs Golf Clubs , for a golfer, are the ideal golf destination, and the scorching heat in California is not enough to deter golf fanatics from playing their favorite game. If you are planning to go to the golf course soon, follow these heat prevention techniques to beat the heat at Palm Desert Country Club : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.Drink Plenty of Water What is one thing that people forget to drink the most? Right, the answer is water. Lack of water in this heat can lead to dehydration and heat stroke. For a person playing golf in the boiling weather, drinking water is a necessity. Prior to your golf session at the club, drink plenty of water - at least three to six glasses. While playing the game, drink water after each round. Drinks you should avoid are alcohol and caffeine. PowerPoint Presentation: 2.Dress for the Heat During a game, a trickle of sweat may run down your back, your forehead, and chest. If you are wearing the wrong clothes, they will stick to you. What you want to wear is loose, light colored clothing manufactured from moisture wicking material. This material is perfect for sports enthusiasts to wear, as it does not stick to the body, helps the body stay cool, and is comfortable to wear. PowerPoint Presentation: 3.Wear Sunscreen to Dispel the Heat Sunscreen is the ultimate weapon to chase away the heat. In fact, most sports clothing contains built-in sunscreen technology. The parts of your body not covered with the shirt, use sunscreen such as SPF 50 to defend the body from the harmful rays of the sun. PowerPoint Presentation: Wear a bucket hat to keep the sun from heating your head. You may have seen a bucket hat worn by anglers. Even though you can wear any hat, the bucket hat is effective in dodging the heat, as the brim is wide. The brim hat will also serve as a shield in protecting your face from the sun. 4.Conceal Your Head with a Hat PowerPoint Presentation: It is not recommended to overeat before a game, instead, eat a light snack. Starving oneself can lead to inadequate energy levels. By overeating, walking around the golf course in the sun can lead to vomiting, nausea, and lethargy. 5.Eat before You Play PowerPoint Presentation: Before you exercise, the trainer tells you to warm up first, do the same when playing golf. Hit some golf balls and practice your putting on the golf course beforehand. Do not overdo it, as it can drain you of all your energy. 6.Play a Warm-Up Game PowerPoint Presentation: La Quinta Country Club 77750 Avenue 50 La Quinta, 92253, CA,USA Phone: 7605644151 The next time you go to the club’s golf course, do all of the above to beat the heat. This will prepare you to head to the golf course and enjoy without worrying about the weather. You will perform better and the heat will not stand a chance against you. Thank You

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