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Published on February 22, 2012

Author: davidjohnson101



PowerPoint Presentation: Recruiting and Training, LLC 800-878-5090 This 30 minute presentation is best viewed at a time and place without interruption. Outline of Presentation: Outline of Presentation History and philosophy of AutoMax Why the need for our Services Lifestyle, income, responsibilities, growth of trainer Trainer/AutoMax relationship Selection and interview process Craig Lockerd Ernie Kasprowicz: Craig Lockerd Ernie Kasprowicz President, Founder General Manager, Minority Partner AutoMax Philosophy: AutoMax Philosophy The AutoMax company philosophy from a simple belief “ A better way to live ” - Og Mandino Dignity , love and respect “ Dead at midnight ” We have conducted over 11,000 recruiting campaigns and trained in excessive of 100,000 salespeople Growth: Growth Our market expands New and exciting developments Convenient, produces predictable results AutoMax is Nationally recognized We market the AutoMax brand via social media engagement, attendance at automotive seminars, repeat and referral growth, email and video communication as well as seminars to the dealership community hosted and presented by AutoMax All Dealers Have a Need: All Dealers Have a Need Dealership Reactive vs. Proactive Little response, poor quality Lack of training Overall lack of time, knowledge and preparation Enter AutoMax: Enter AutoMax The primary reason dealerships contract with AutoMax is they have experienced one or all of these failures, and recognize that a better alternative exists We get the call because of our reputation, marketing skills, experience and expertise we provide our trainers and clients Through the years we have developed first hand working knowledge of virtually every market in the country We have assisted dealerships of all sizes and have developed relationships with major retail groups, as well as single point owner operated franchises AutoMax Advertising: AutoMax Advertising In-house advertising agency researches clients ’ marketplace Larger quantity of quality applicants Average 20-25 interviews per dealership Balanced approach Over 200 of the best internet job sites, newsprint and radio In-depth knowledge gives our clients the edge All advertising approved by the dealership Ads placed and confirmed by AutoMax Scheduled Interviews: Scheduled Interviews Recruiting screeners contact applicants/schedule interview Trainer conduct interviews Dealers select from a variety of recruiting programs Dealer/salesperson reimbursed program Trainer discloses refundable tuition required Financial involvement creates a greater level of commitment Dealership Hires: Dealership Hires Salesperson participation not a guarantee of employment No promise or guarantee of employment to an applicant Dealer decision who they employ AutoMax and Trainers forthright presentation Our good reputation as an organization Training: Training Trainer interviews all applicants, invites The AutoMax 4 phase interview Three, nearly 8 hour days of sales training Prepare people with no prior auto sales experience Class participants have better understanding Likelihood of achieving success is much greater Lifetime bonds represent one of the greatest non-monetary rewards you will experience Repeat and Referral Clients: Repeat and Referral Clients Keep your eyes open Selling additional training will payoff Repeat and referral clients Skills necessary to secure first time clients Fine points needed to maintain your accounts Quality of Life: Quality of Life Trainer’s have a say, control of your schedule Business partners; you are not an employee Trainers work an average of 38-44 weeks a year Most veteran trainers have a full schedule Initially much work will come from home office Quickly build relationships Must develop business opportunities on your own Focus on maintaining the clients you have Hours, No Office Politics: Hours, No Office Politics 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday Involved , but without frustrations of “office politics” Trainer input is vital to growth and development Share and discuss ideas Work together to provide the best programs Trainer strengths merit more responsibilities Mentor to other trainers Find a greater level of personal satisfaction Income: Income Range of income figures are realistic Learning curve, you are not alone Typical first year trainer/consultants are in the range of $70,000 - $90,000 after all business expenses What you do for yourself now, pays off later Second year benefit of repeat clients referral business Approximately 10-15 established accounts Well established, trusted partner more opportunities Work when and where you want Potential income of $125,000 - $ 150,000 It all starts with your training: It all starts with your training Intense training seminar Learn our sales training program and how to present Establish and operate your own business within AutoMax Nothing is left to chance Additional training programs and how to present Maintaining clients and develop new accounts AutoMax growth directly related to growth of trainers Continued training quarterly in the field or classroom Full support of AutoMax assures success in new career Relationship with AutoMax: Relationship with AutoMax I ndependent contractor of AutoMax Business identity and structure Paid by students trained or dealership Trainer Investment Commitment: Commitment Why ? It is about commitment Something for nothing gets you nothing We are asking you to do the same Fully focused and committed to a new career Exact how to, knowledge , support AutoMax will help you become successful Knowledge is power Travel: Travel Expect to travel away from your home 10 days a month, basically 2 weekly recruiting assignments Generating clients local to where you live Plenty of time off to enjoy important personal moments Your availability, the quality of your work, the opportunities you have generated and the efforts of the AutoMax sales team Work available, just a matter if suits your needs Recap: Recap Invest in yourself AutoMax a proven and well known business model Expanding by demand In-house sales team, the best and brightest talent Ahead of curve in advertising, marketing AutoMax Provide senior level management and assistance Home office support Best preparation for a new career Contact AutoMax: Contact AutoMax Further interest, questions or concerns E-mail Ernie , at [email protected] Submit a short video which will demonstrate your love and talent for training Personal phone conversation with Craig Lockerd Background checks Training and the start to a career of a lifetime We hope to hear from you immediately 800-878-5090 Line 1

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