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Published on July 30, 2014

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Benjamin Pure Explains Significance of Automation to Boost Marketing Efforts: Benjamin Pure Explains Significance of Automation to Boost Marketing Efforts PowerPoint Presentation: Internet, smart phones, GPS, and many other ground-breaking technologies have changed the face of almost every aspect of business. These tech wonders have improved effectiveness of marketing campaigns by improving client engagement, observes Benjamin Pure, a leading marketing automation expert . Benefits of marketing automation Information technology facilitates generation of useful client-related data, through use of cutting-edge management information systems. Marketing automation software plays a major role in providing transparency and reliability, in terms of lead-related information. This information can be effectively used to decide marketing strategies and design lead specific marketing campaigns. PowerPoint Presentation: Marketing automation arms us with clear understanding of reaction of various leads to existing campaigns. We can use this information to improve, alter, or redesign different marketing initiatives. Features of marketing automation We can use automation to exploit different business opportunities by understanding behavioral patterns of customers. Segmentation of prospective customers can be done more effectively, since we are able to prioritize and classify them on various parameters . Our marketing campaigns can be more defined, if we are able to devise different strategies to retain existing customers and attract new prospects. PowerPoint Presentation: Sales force automation facilitates nurturing of leads that are yet to be ready for sales. Campaigns or strategies are futile, if their effectiveness cannot be measured. State-of-the-art marketing automation software allows us to determine return on investment and calculate effectiveness of our marketing. It also facilitates thorough understanding of prospects’ profiles.This has sound effect on profitability through tailor-made campaigns, since clients are offered what they are looking for. Benjamin Pure states that conversion of leads into contacts is easy, if we are able to work on them effectively by using effective automation technology. PowerPoint Presentation: Lead conversion and client engagement Sales force automation software is designed to nurture leads that are ready for sales by automatic e-mailing of relevant information, depending on their requirement or interests. Such engagement program is further reinforced by marketing executives through their field visits. Marketing involves caring for different types of customers, such as sales ready, existing, happy, or dissatisfied. Automation software can be programmed to cater to every client by setting different communication channels. Customer relationship management is a very important aspect of marketing. You can effectively use automation to your advantage by understanding clients or prospects’ needs, according to Benjamin Pure. Thank You: Thank You

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