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Published on July 16, 2014

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Benjamin Pure Throws Light on Holistic Treatment Options: Benjamin Pure Throws Light on Holistic Treatment Options PowerPoint Presentation: We often hear about radiography and other diagnostic tests carried out to ascertain state of the internal organs. Benjamin Pure explains some of the techniques that are used by holistic medicine practitioners. Non invasive and safe thermography investigation Thermography is backed by cutting edge medical imaging method that provides highly reliable and non-invasive alternative to other radiographic procedures . It incorporates conversion of infrared radiation from the surface of the skin into electrical signals. These electric impulses are seen as colored images to determine status of body functions. PowerPoint Presentation: There is a major difference between radiography and thermography. Thermography allows you to determine functions whereas radiography facilitates anatomical investigations. It is one of the safest procedures since there are no radiations involved unlike x-ray imaging techniques. Thermography can be used to detect functional defects in men as well as women. One of the most significant advantages of thermography is its ability to pinpoint even minor changes in body functions by predicting the consequences that can take place after ten years. Screening can be done by using thermography to study any function of the body, says Benjamin Pure. PowerPoint Presentation: There are different ways you can use thermography to investigate breasts, upper body, lower body, full body, and so forth. Thermography also facilitates analysis of body composition to determine fat deposition. Japanese healing method of Reiki Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning life force energy. This healing technique has been practiced for thousands of years in Japan and is usually offered by placing palms to transfer life force energy to the affected person’s body. Reiki is based on the assumption that an uncanny force is flowing through our bodies. This mysterious force helps us to be alive. Our physical as well as mental well being depends on its nature. Low life force is related to some or other ailment. PowerPoint Presentation: You will feel as if your body is being enveloped by glowing plasma, if you are receiving this treatment from a qualified Reiki master. Reiki is a holistic therapy and treats the whole person including his or her mind, body, and spirit. It leads to a relaxed body, calm mind, and spiritual elevation. Benjamin Pure recommends this treatment to ensure physical as well as mental healing. Thank You: Thank You

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