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Published on August 11, 2014

Author: robertmkan



PowerPoint Presentation: Top 5 Mistakes in Resume Which Should be Avoided 1) Spellings and grammar error. 2) Absence of profile related keywords. 3) Weak Language & Vocabulary. 4) Outdated Resume Format. 5) Using Multiple Colors Spellings & Grammar error: Spellings & Grammar error Your resume needs to be grammatically perfect. Spell check and have your document reviewed by a career coach or a friend or family member. It's hard to catch your own mistakes, so having someone else read your resume for you will help. Reading it out loud is another option for catching mistakes. Absence of related keywords: Your resume should include the same keywords that appear in the job posting or job description. If your resume doesn't have the right keywords, it most likely won't get noticed because you won't appear to be a fit for the job. Just have a strong keywords research related with your education, soft skills and professional area. Try to add them in your resume. Absence of related keywords Weak language & vocabulary: Try to use action verbs, call to action notations to begin your sentence. Always get explain your skills in more technical way and should be easy to understand. Instead of saying, :- Responsible for growth in sales Say Achieved 12% increase in overall sales as Sales Manager Weak language & vocabulary Outdated resume format: Your resume should be updated for every job you apply for. Be sure to update your skills section as well as your work history. Your current employer, skills, responsibilities you are handling should be filled up properly. Check to be sure that the computer, and the other, skills you list are current. Outdated resume format Using multiple colors: Using multiple colors Keep it simple – Use a professional font. It must not be more than two or three pages unless you are the CEO. Use at most two or three colors in the resume as multiple colors might result in an unprofessional look. Make your resume look clean with appropriate bullet points (don’t write paragraphs) and spacing Thank You ! !: Thank You ! ! I hope these guidelines will help you to make your resume more impressive. Make a great, challenging career by uploading your resume on CareerFolio.Net Worlds leading online job search portal.

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