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Published on July 8, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Girls with Curls The Origins of Curl Patterns and Textures around the World PowerPoint Presentation: What do we know about curls? More often than not we’re born with hair similar to that of a family member’s. However, the texture of our hair may change over time for specific reasons. Learn what causes those curls, and determine what classification of hair you have. PowerPoint Presentation: The Role of Genetics Born W ild Scientists have identified specific genes that determine if your hair will be curly, straight, or somewhere in-between. This sort of variance is referred to as a “continuous trait.” Baby, those soft curls are nature-made. PowerPoint Presentation: Travel Back to Your Roots The Origins of Curls Variance within a multitude of genes is apparent when looking at hair textures around the world. For example, while curly hair is prominent among people of black African descent, it is rarely seen among Asian populations. These gene variations also explain the diverse textures of hair across Europe. PowerPoint Presentation: The Role of Hormones Stages of Life Women go through several bodily changes throughout a life time due to hormones – and the texture of your hair is one change most women readily noticed. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are “the big three” in terms of making a curly-haired girl go straight, and vice versa. PowerPoint Presentation: Hair Classification Systems There are many systems used to classify hair types and textures. 3 Popular Methods include: + Andre Walker Hair Typing System + L.O.I.S. Hair Typing System + F.I.A. Hair Typing System PowerPoint Presentation: Got you curious? Discover your hair type. The Straight Ones 1a. Stick straight 1b. Straight but with a slight body wave 1c. Straight with body wave and one or two visible S-waves The Wavy Ones 2a. Loose, stretched out S-waves throughout the hair 2b. Shorter, more distinct S-waves 3c. Distinct S-waves and the odd spiral curl forming here or there This is the F.I.A. Hair Typing System. PowerPoint Presentation: Not straight or wavy? You’re probably one of these. The Curly Ones 3a. Big, loose spiral curls 3b. Bouncy ringlets 3c. Tight corkscrews The Really Curly Ones 4a. Tightly coiled S-curls 4b. Tightly coiled hair bending in sharp angels (Z-pattern) PowerPoint Presentation: Love Your Hair Texture Whether You Were Born with It or Not While you may be grateful for a lot of things your parents gave you, your hair might not be one of them! Also, environmental and medical factors may have changed your hair over time, too. For those not loving their hair texture, consider these innovative options: + Fine Human Hair Wigs + Hair Extensions + Custom Hair Additions + Invisible Hair Grafting PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us Invisible Hair Studio is San Diego’s leading specialist in innovative hair loss solutions for women. Services include a multitude of high quality hair options, such as extensions, 100% human hair wigs, and custom hair additions, as well as their exclusive Invisible Hair Grafting treatment. Please visit for more information. PowerPoint Presentation: Slide 1: Image courtesy of Nate Steiner through Flickr Creative Commons Slide 9: Before and After images courtesy of Invisible Hair Studio Images Attributions Sources Slide 3, 4: Hair genetic factors Slide 5: Hair hormonal factors Slides 6, 7, 8: Hair classifications, including F.I.A. Hair Typing System PowerPoint Presentation: Summary A head full of beautiful curls has long been a subject of talk and envy. Learn the origins of curly hair and find out what type and texture hair you have.

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