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Published on August 4, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Best Places To Visit In Udaipur Lake City Of India PowerPoint Presentation: Best Places In Udaipur PowerPoint Presentation: Visiting Places In Udaipur PowerPoint Presentation: Sukhadia Circle Sukhadia Circle:- Udaipur, a large round about in the city's northern suburb of Panchwati , on the road to Ranakur and Mount Abu. The centerpiece of the Circle is a large, three-tiered fountain just over 21 m. high, with scalloped dishes surmounted by a wheat-ear motif, representing prosperity. Illuminated at night, it is now a well-known landmark. PowerPoint Presentation: Sukhadia Circle Its foundation was laid in 1968 and was opened in 1970. The Circle is a popular recreational center and meeting place. A circular pond surrounds the fountain; nearby are pleasant gardens. PowerPoint Presentation: Dudh Talai Dudh Talai :- A beautiful laid out "Rock Garden" from where one can enjoy sunset view in Lake Pichola and panoramic view of old city. Musical Fountain is an attraction for the visitors. PowerPoint Presentation: Rope Way Udaipur Rope Way Udaipur:- Udaipur Ropeway is a prestigious project commissioned in June 2008. The promoters Omkareshwar Trade links Private Limited are engaged in promoting tourism in the state of Rajasthan by way of launching a number of adventure projects to enable visitors to get more value for their money. PowerPoint Presentation: Rope Way Udaipur Forthcoming projects in the state of Rajasthan are Amusement Park at Gulab Bagh , Sport fishing and power gliding/ para sailing. PowerPoint Presentation: Saheliyon Ki Bari Saheliyon Ki Bari:- Saheliyon Ki Bari or the "Garden of the maids of honor", brings to the fore the unique life-style of the royal ladies who once strolled in this gardens. This spectacular garden has four pools and five fountains, each one with a different look, embellished with delicately chiseled kiosks and elephants in marble. PowerPoint Presentation: Saheliyon Ki Bari It also has a Science Laboratory with different types of reptiles, frogs and specimens for the visitors. PowerPoint Presentation: The Vintage Car Collection The Vintage Car Collection:- The collection within the grounds of the Garden Hotel comprises a variety of classic and interestingly rare transportation vehicles; some stately and vintage like Cadalec , Chevalate , Morais etc., while the others are sleek and fast. PowerPoint Presentation: The Vintage Car Collection The Maharanas of Udaipur once possessed and used these regal splendors of automobiles as their luxuries but most of the other models are gradually being added to the collection, since it provides a unique aristocratic safari for the exclusive guests. PowerPoint Presentation: Jagdish Temple Jagdish Temple:- Built by Maharana Jagat Singh Ist in 1651 the temple enshrines a black stone image of Lord Vishnu. There is a brass image of Garuda the Lord Bird carrier. PowerPoint Presentation: Jagdish Temple The exterior and the plinth are covered with base relief of elephants, alligators, horsemen and celestial musicians rise in tiers. Chanting, bells and music can be heard throughout the day. It is the largest and most splendid temple of Lake city Udaipur. PowerPoint Presentation: Moti Magri Moti Magri :- This is the other island palace in Lake Fateh Sagar , which was constructed by Maharana Karan Singh as a hideout for Prince Khurram the estranged son of Emperor Jehangir the implacable foe of the Maharana . The reason for the aid was that the prince was the son of a Rajput mother. PowerPoint Presentation: Moti Magri It is also said that Shah Jahan [prince Khurram ] derived some of these ideas for the Taj Mahal from this palace when he stayed there in 1623-24. The island has some striking carving including a row of elephants that looks as though they are guarding the island. The exquisitely carved chhatri in grey and blue stone is another example. PowerPoint Presentation: Hotel Krishna Leela Regency Stay at Hotel Shree Krishna Lila Regency Udaipur at Low Cost. PowerPoint Presentation: Ahar Cenotaphs Some Other Places Are Listed In Next Slides Ahar Cenotaphs PowerPoint Presentation: Crystal Gallery Crystal Gallery PowerPoint Presentation: Fateh Sagar Lake Fateh Sagar Lake PowerPoint Presentation: Ghangaur Ghat Ghangaur Ghat PowerPoint Presentation: Jag Mandir Jag Mandir PowerPoint Presentation: Sajjan Garh Sajjan Garh PowerPoint Presentation: Shilpgram Shilpgram PowerPoint Presentation: The City Palace The City Palace PowerPoint Presentation: Hotel In Udaipur Detail Information Of These Places Is Available At

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