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Published on July 17, 2014

Author: jordannchandu



PowerPoint Presentation: BEST SAP SRM ONLINE T RAINING INDIA Teksonit Services provides the best Softwar e ’s training for various Comput e r IT courses through W ebex, Gotomeeting. It’s proud to be we are one of the top leading SAP SRM online training providers from India. We are providing SAP SRM Online Training based on specific needs of the learners e specially we will give innovative one to one Classes. We mar k et your profile in USA, UK SING A PORE, INDIA, SOUTH AFR I CA. Some of the S A P SRM Course topics that covered b y our professional s : SAP SRM Overv i ew SAP SRM system landscape and so f tware componen t s Inte g ration scenarios with t he SAP SRM Ser v er SAP MM Procure m ent Cycle Backend Integra t ion Explain the inte g ration principles of SAP E RP back - end integration Inte g ration Configuration Enterprise Buyer A rchitecture Organization Principles of SAP E n terprise Bu y er organizational m anagement Maintain an organiz a tional plan accor d ing to your pr o ject need Enterprise Buyer A ttributes and A t tributes Maintena n ce Administration Understand the I TS principles Perform m iddle ware diagnosis Report and anal y ze your docu m ents And many sub to p ics are there for more details please go through the we b site. Please call us for the D emo Classes we ha v e regular batches and w eekend batches. Contact Number: USA: +1 010-674 - 9448, INDIA: +91 939-185 - 5249, Email: [email protected] m m , Web: h t t p : / / w w w . t e k s o n i t . c o m / s a p - s r m - o n li n e- t r a i n i n g / Keyword: Best SAP SRM Online Training INDIA | SAP S R M Certification O n line USA

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