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Published on July 12, 2014

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Values for a better human relations : Values for a better human relations Arushi double murder case…..2008: Arushi double murder case…..2008 Defense of the Defenseless: Defense of the Defenseless Abortion is barbaric. It is brutal. It is murder. That a civilized society would willingly engage in such a practice defies understanding or comprehension. Feels thankful that child with his blood coursing through its veins was either Ripped apart piece by piece, or Chemically burned to death, or Simply sucked out of its mothers womb because doing so made his life easier. Where is the Moral????: Where is the Moral???? HINDU CIVILISATION: HINDU CIVILISATION Regarded by many historians as the "oldest living civilization of Earth", the Indian tradition dates back to 8000 PowerPoint Presentation: Has a continuous recorded history since the time of the Vedas, believed variously to be 3,000 to over 5,500 years ago PowerPoint Presentation: Several elements of India's diverse culture — such as Indian religions , yoga and Indian cuisine — have had a profound impact across the world UNENDING LIST OF HIDUS/INDIAN HERITAGE: UNENDING LIST OF HIDUS/INDIAN HERITAGE VEDAS-04 BRAHMANICAL BOOKS -19 ARANYAKAS –II UPANISHADA-108 SIKSHA-18, NORUKA -18 VYAKARANA -18 CHANDRA SASTRA -18 KALPA VEDANGA- 18 MAHAPURANSA-18 UPAPURANAS-18 ITIHASAS-2 DARSHANAS -6 UPAVEDAS-5 ETC.. INDIAN CULTURE: INDIAN CULTURE ONLY COUNTRY THAT HAS MANY RILIGIONS AND CULTURE. IT IS AN AMALGAMATION OF DIVERSE SUB CULTURES. SEVERAL MILLENNIA OLD DHARMA: DHARMA NO SINGLE SPECIFIC WORD FOR DHARMA IT IS THE SUM OF THE DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND PREVILEGES OF THE INDIVIDUAL HINDHU DHARMA IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A WAY OF LIFE THE ROLE PLYAYED BY EVERY INDIVIUDAL IN VARIOUS CAPACITIES WITH SUM OF THE DUTIES. SOCIAL CODE: SOCIAL CODE Saakshaath anubhavairdhrushto na srutho na guru darsitha lokaanaam upakaaraaya ethath sarvam pradarshitam | All the culture and practices should be aimed at prosperity of every beings, thus not blindly followed but based on the requirement with suitable modification these are adapted /framed FACTORS IN RELATION : FACTORS IN RELATION Which one is preferred?: Which one is preferred? RELATING IS INEVITABLE : RELATING IS INEVITABLE NO HUMAN BEING CAN REMAIN OR MAKE LIFE WITHOUT BEING RELATING TO THE WORLD RELATING IS –INEVEITABLE NECESSITY RELATING WITH OUT BONDAGE IS A NECESSITY Types of relations ships: Types of relations ships Biological Relatives Extended family relation Professional Friendship Co existent TYPES OF RELATIONS: TYPES OF RELATIONS DISPENSABLE INDISPENSABLE Relating to the world is indispensible : Relating to the world is indispensible Inevitability of relation- : Inevitability of relation- No one has freedom from relation during the life time. One needs to have freedom in relation Anything that cannot get rid of happily and one cannot get along happily is ‘Bondage’ EVERY PERSON IS BORN RELATED : EVERY PERSON IS BORN RELATED STRAINED RELATION : STRAINED RELATION LIKE- RAGA DISLIKE- DVESHA TOO MUCH OF LIKING CAN BE SUFFOCATING, DISLIKE CAUSES STRESS DEMANDS AND COMMANDS CAUSE FRUSTRATION, UNPLEASANTNESS, DISSATISFACTON Acharas have greater impact …..: Acharas have greater impact ….. Psychologically influencing Socializing the events in life Physiological impact Strengthening the family bondage Social bondage National integration Every role has its own achara (regimen): Every role has its own achara (regimen) Better values : Better values PHYSICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL SPIRITUAL SOCIAL NATIONAL Varying degrees of characteristics in relationships: Varying degrees of characteristics in relationships Trust/loyalty Honesty Communication Understanding Friendship/compatibility Similar morals & values Respect Consideration Varying degrees of characteristics in relationships: Varying degrees of characteristics in relationships Sense of humour Affection Varying levels of intimacy Closeness Similar likes/dislikes Love Accepting the whole person Peer relationships are very important to adolescents: Peer relationships are very important to adolescents Moral support Give each other confidence Enjoying the best in one another They listen Share feelings with praise Have fun together Validating decisions. Activity….Positive supportive: Activity….Positive supportive Close friend /relative Acquaintances- Shop keeper, vender, bus driver, maid self Friendly –other friends, teachers etc. SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY : SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY Value based messages are given through puranas to the children Prayers Meditation Group sankeertan Showing respect to elders, teachers , Listening to discourses SOCIAL ACTIVITY: SOCIAL ACTIVITY From childhood establishing the relations Socialising the events Performing such activities that bring the individual closer to the community Meeting friends and relatives Festival gathering Sharing caring Indian family: Indian family SOCIO SPIRITUAL GATHERING: SOCIO SPIRITUAL GATHERING Can one be free in relating?: Can one be free in relating? As long as the likes and dislikes exist one cannot be free in relating. If one have no likes and dislikes and be like a stone then also relating does not happen Relating cannot be with inert object Likes and dislikes are often the scales of judgment Recognition of facts brings freedom: Recognition of facts brings freedom Constraints in relationship: Constraints in relationship In no relation the person is liked totally There is often a ‘But” One may feel that he /she likes a person totally.. Till he/she lives with the other. Constraints in relationship: Constraints in relationship Lack of proper communication ( without relating talking will not establish relation) Meaning less inert attitude Non understanding of ones limitation leads aggression Constraints in relationship: Constraints in relationship One cannot get rid of likes and dislikes One cannot expect a total change in others Mutual acceptance is a common expectation in a relationship Constraints in relationship: Constraints in relationship Love cannot be verbalised One cannot be sensitive to another unless he understands the self Being too proud Being too humble Labeling a person destroys relation Essential of good relation: Essential of good relation Should have freedom Expression of love Neither be too proud nor be too humble Being oneself Realising ones limitations and skills Right attitude to be sensible and sensitive Essential of good relation: Essential of good relation Realise that we are not the author of our life No body is totally independent Let others to know that you understand them The child is not the part of his parents Essential of good relation: Essential of good relation There will be understanding in sympathy and compassion In a relation that counts is understanding which can make the individual to be compassionate Essential of good relation: Essential of good relation One can never help anybody else One can never understand anybody else Being aware of limitations alone one can be optimistic and successful Also can accept others limitation Essentials of good relation: Essentials of good relation Better understanding and Better appreciation of the whole Knowing the values Non compromising Win win Give and take Least selfish attitude/sacrificing VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM: VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM ”अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् | उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् || ” ayaṁ bandhurayaṁ nēti gaṇanā laghucētasām | udāracaritānām tu vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam || Discrimination saying "this one is a relative; this other one is a stranger" is for the mean-minded. For those who're known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family. PowerPoint Presentation: HAPPY U PowerPoint Presentation: A society, or a human society, is a group of people involved with each other through persistent relations , or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Preethi lakshana-features of Pure Love: Preethi lakshana -features of Pure Love Dadathi - Pratigruhnati - Pruchchati Guhyamakhyati Bhunkte Bhojayate

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