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Published on July 17, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Bigger Is Better Why Megapixel Security Cameras Trump VGA Cameras PowerPoint Presentation: Never underestimate the value of quality security. Your property and assets are on the line. Not to mention the safety of yourself and your employees. High quality surveillance equipment provides an added sense of security that can’t be found with antiquated and subpar equipment. On the following pages we are going to focus on the differences, image resolutions, and benefits of switching to a megapixel security camera. VGA Cameras: In 1987, VGA systems were originally created by IBM for personal computers to display graphics on a monitor. VGA technology became popular for its 640x480 resolution, which was considered a higher resolution in the early 1990s. Today, these cameras are cheap to make and the information they capture doesn’t take up a lot of internal memory. VGA Cameras Megapixel Cameras: Megapixel cameras became available to consumers by 1999 Can have resolutions from 1280x1024 up to 2560x2048, depending on the number of pixels the camera has. A pixel is the smallest element addressed in an image. The more pixels an image has, the clearer the image. A megapixel means 1 million pixels. Megapixel Cameras The Importance Of Camera Quality: The Importance Of Camera Quality Security cameras are placed around your business to record many things. If you can’t accurately see what is happening in the footage then your camera isn’t suiting its purpose. Demanding Situations: Demanding Situations Every business has those moments when they need to pull up footage from a situation. Identifying a thief, double checking a patron’s order, or studying your employees’ cash out procedures. These situations need to showcase a clear and accurate representation, if the footage is to be usable. Megapixel Benefits: Megapixel Benefits High quality cameras will give you clear video on small or large monitors while VGA is not meant for large displays. Higher megapixels give you the ability to zoom into an image while still maintaining definition. Although new cameras are high-performance they don’t require a lot of network resources. Resolution Comparison Save Money: Save Money In addition to megapixel cameras being able to capture literally millions more pieces of information than VGAs, they also have a wider field of view. All of this adds up to fewer cameras, which means less lens, cables, installations, license fees, and maintenance calls. You save money and increase your ability to keep your business safe and secure. The Right Solution: The Right Solution Call an expert! Texas Surveillance & 911 Security can conduct a free on-site assessment, help you choose the right cameras, and even install them 24 hours a day – there is no need to interfere with your business. PowerPoint Presentation: It’s important to keep your business secure. To contact us, please call: 281-326-0790 Or visit:   Texas Surveillance & 911 Security has been Houston’s Video Security Experts since 1993. They can create and install a video security system for your business or home. Texas Surveillance & 911 Security’s clients include: banks, police departments, state agencies, warehouses, restaurants, and many more! Contact Us

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