Blackberry Application Development

Information about Blackberry Application Development

Published on March 11, 2010

Author: suryakantbehera



Slide 2: Need Blackberry Support? Blackberry Introduction : Blackberry Introduction Developed by Research in Motion (RIM). Wireless mobile devices which includes smartphone applications as well as telephone capabilities. Known for its ability to send and receive e-mails wherever it has access to any wireless networks of certain cellular phone carriers. Initially released as a two-way pager, Blackberry is now available as a smartphone. A convergent device. Blackberry Features : Blackberry Features Multi-tasking operating system. Third-party developers can write software using APIs. Push e-mail. Mobile telephone. Text messaging. Internet faxing. Web browsing and other wireless information services Our Services & Systems : Our Services & Systems Blackberry custom application development. Blackberry Client for Cloud Storage Platform. Mobile Commerce Application Agenda View - enabling central management.   Database Viewer application. Mobile Financial Advisor Slide 6: Contact Us For Blackberry related queries Contact [email protected] or 1-248-686-1424

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