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Published on July 30, 2014

Author: cocobouche6



: We share our some blogs with this small presentation: 1. Life in Paris 2.Popular Food of Paris 3.Brooklyn Arts Center Cocobouche Offers you Blogs on Life in Paris : If you want to experience Life in Paris , then you should make your way to “Paris vu par Hollywood” free exhibitions at Hotel de Ville which showcases an archive of nearly 400 documents focusing on how American cinema was portrayed by the French Capital for over a century making it turn into a figure of fashion. Life in Paris PowerPoint Presentation: In the snowy white city of Paris, one can make their day with some attractive ideas like building some snow girls or capturing a pic in your neighborhood, going to the gym and doing some workout, and having the popular food of Paris which makes your day even more beautiful in a snowy white monsoon. Popular Food of Paris PowerPoint Presentation: Plan to watch a play in the Brooklyn arts center , or go for a movie in the Nitehawk Cinema where you can sip your whisky sour with themed dinner inspired by the movie you are watching. The retro bar outside the theatre can be used at all times before and after your movie fix. Experience to visit NewYork would be pretty much complete with this. Brooklyn Arts Center PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks

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