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Published on November 16, 2012

Author: Aaryendr



BOLT (BSC Online Trading System): BOLT (BSC Online Trading System) INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION The trading on stock exchange in INDIA used to take place through open outcry method without use of information technology for immediate matching or recording of trades. This was time consuming and inefficient. This imposed limits on trading volumes and efficiency. In order to provide efficiency, liquidity, and transparency NSE and BSE introduced nation wide online fully automated “SCREEN BASED TRADING SYSTEM” SCREEN BASED TRADING : SCREEN BASED TRADING NSE’s screen based trading is known as NEAT- National exchange for automated trading. BSE’S screen based trading is known as BOLT- Bombay online trading. PowerPoint Presentation: Ticker window MECHANISM OF ONLINE TRADING: MECHANISM OF ONLINE TRADING BSE has main computer which is connected through “VERY SMALL APERTURE TERMINAL”(VSAT) installed at its office. THE main computer runs on a fault tolerant “STRATUS” mainframe computer at the exchange. Brokers have terminals installed at their premises which are connected through VSATS. HOW TO PLACE ORDER: HOW TO PLACE ORDER An investor informs broker to place an order on his behalf. The broker enters the order through his PC, which runs under windows NT and sends signal to the satellite via VSAT. The signal is directed to mainframe computer at BSE via VSAT at BSE’s office. A message relating to the order activity is broad casted to respective member. PowerPoint Presentation: To enter a buy order BASIS OF OPERATION : BASIS OF OPERATION The online trading operates on the strict basis of PRICE PRIORITY and TIME PRIORITY HOW TO ENTER SELL ORDER: HOW TO ENTER SELL ORDER Same as the process involved in the placing of the buy order. PowerPoint Presentation: To enter a Sell order LOGGING ON : LOGGING ON On starting BOLT application, the logon screen appears with the following details. USER ID TRADING MEMBER ID PASSWORD NEW PASSWORD TERMINOLOGIES OF ONLINE TRADING: TERMINOLOGIES OF ONLINE TRADING Snap quote:- feature available to get instantaneous market information on a desired security. Active and Passive orders:- when any order enters the trading system, it is an active order. It tries to find a match on the other side of books. If it finds a match trade is generated, if does not finds match it turns to passive order which is stored in order book. PowerPoint Presentation: Circuit breakers:- Started implementing compulsorily from July 02, 2001. The circuit breakers will be operated at the three stages of INDEX movement, either way viz at 10%, 15%, 20%. MOVEMENT TIME FREEZED 10% PRIOR 1pm AFTER 1pm 1 HOUR ½ HOUR 15% PRIOR 1pm AFTER 1pm-2pm AFTER 2pm 2 hours 1 hour Freezed for the day 20% ANY TIME FREEZED FOR THE DAY PowerPoint Presentation: Market By Price PowerPoint Presentation: Ord Book- Pending traded canceled Order Book PowerPoint Presentation: Trade Book PPT By Aaryendr: PPT By Aaryendr

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