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Published on July 15, 2014

Author: oussamatouzni



PowerPoint Presentation: boost your metabolism Do you know the eternal Mrs. Boulotte , always tired, which only eats carrots while forcing conscientiously go to the gym twice a week? Beside her, Mrs. Liane Grande, the tone of hell, crams chocolate and sauerkraut, never made abdominal exercise hir life and spend more time calling her friends in gym ? How is that possible, Doctor? This injustice is called metabolism. Explanations and solutions : A very unfair nature : A naturally thin person (and the rest) has a chance to burn calories naturally than average. This blessed metabolism allows him to be twice winner: first, it has extra energy because its fuel supply is used at full capacity by the body, then it does not store fat, since all its calories burned in real time. On small dumpy, no luck, this is exactly the opposite! Not only her curves accumulate but, in addition, as its metabolism is not optimum, it lacks tone. To top it all, as she feels tired, she is tempted to nibble to find some “fuel”, ie a vicious circle! But good news, it is possible to modify this process by stimulating the famous metabolism, and this in two ways: by adapting the best food in our internal chemistry, and practicing at certain times of the day, movements that will stimulate “carburation” muscle. PowerPoint Presentation: In this ambitious vision of “war against the soft metabolism”, here is a program designed with the help of Dr. Alain Delabos * Davina and coach. ** Very simple, this program suitable for different times of the day, is not essential: it indicates new principles of power to follow the map and movements, to achieve, according to the schedule of each. What matters is to choose the right move at the right time. supply side : The body needs are different depending on the time of day, as explained by Dr. Alain Delabos . Indeed, by hours, the body will need more or less fat, sugar or protein: a bit like the “three,” 8 cells are programmed in time and are activated by a specific time slot. If the organization claims fat and you provide him, he not only used once, but on a roll, it also benefits the passage for use in stocks that you already have. Everyone is happy. If, instead of fat, you give him sugar, you do not give him what he needs, and the clutter of the rest. movements’ side : The philosophy is “move a little, but often,” says Dr. Delabos because we must first charge the muscle mass is the most energy intensive / calories. It is therefore to move but no matter how, because the same movement made ​​hastily will not have the same benefit. If, in the day, the movements are unrealistic, they may be replaced by walking, never forgetting to breathe. As you can see, it is rather in endurance we set up the enemy. My personal program  to boost your metabolism PowerPoint Presentation: Morning, butter does not scare me This is the time when saturated fats are best understood and where the body needs it most. To do this, you must: Protein: cheese, eggs and cooked meats. Of carbohydrates: bread with a little butter. A hot drink without sugar. Moreover, at this time, you put sugar nowhere! I practice stretching to unwind: Lie on the floor, stretch the legs, the feet upright. Outstretched arms back, palms up, stretch for 1 min. Sit down and do 3 breathing: inhale gently and slowly exhale until the end of the breath. At noon … it’s ravioli! Well, almost, since this is when the body is working to manu -facture essential to the regeneration of cells and proteins themselves embarked on a high hormonal stimulation. Protein for the reconstruction, such as meat. Lipids, such as … the sauce over the meat. A little slow carbs for energy, so starchy. I drive a boxer: Standing on a ground not too hard, sautillez on site by sending punches. This exercise releases energy and stimulates the removal of bad fats. Start with 2 or 3 min. Then gradually increase: 20 min is ideal. In the afternoon, time for a little sweetness The body has produced and metabolized elements necessary for its operation but it is tired. Come on, is fun! Vegetable fats such as dark chocolate, olives. Sugars such as fruit (salad, compote,) honey … I can link bent to soften me: Hands on hips, feet apart, get 10 times by bending your knees and then reassemble. This unlocks the pelvis, accelerates the circulation, strengthens the stomach. Blow down and breathe going up. Gradually go up to 50 folded. PowerPoint Presentation: In the evening, I love vegetables! The organization must not overwork the evening. Are preferred light calorie foods but also rich in fiber Fish, seafood Avoid red meat, it causes the production of acids, more difficult to remove at night. Vegetables: tomatoes, greens, carrots, beets, etc.. I offer a soothing massage: Take the morning exercise and then sit down and do a self-massage of the face and head. Circles with your fingertips on the forehead, down the temples and cheeks and chin. Finally, place your fingertips on the scalp and massage. When the head is relaxed, the whole body is relaxed.   boost your metabolism - See more at:

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