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Published on July 23, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Bradley Witham – A Successful Marketing Strategist PowerPoint Presentation: Bradley Witham is a professional marketing strategist with over 13 years of rich experience. He has lent his consulting services to a variety of companies and individuals, thereby helping them penetrate the market and achieve recognition. His clients recognize him as one of the most talented marketing consultants in the area and his business has increased mostly by word of mouth advertising. PowerPoint Presentation: Although it will vary from field to field, Bradley Witham proposes a general outline for creating a strategy. This is the format that he has experimented with on innumerable occasions and tends to work the best. PowerPoint Presentation: Do A General Assessment – This entails checking your current marketing materials and seeing what is working and what is not. Any channel or method that is yielding any results can be kept. Even the channels that are not performing at all, should be reanalyzed. At this stage, you will just be checking what to throw out. PowerPoint Presentation: Charting Out Goals – Before proceeding to pen down the strategy, you must have the end goal and the smaller goals in mind. If you can’t specifically spell what those need to be, then you need sit down and really think hard about what you are trying to achieve. PowerPoint Presentation: Targeting Your Audience – Next on the list is figuring out who or where your target audience is, and when they are active. Without knowing the answer to this crucial question, you can create strategies all you want, but if you project them at the wrong group of people, you will be wasting time, money, and effort. PowerPoint Presentation: Conduct Research – Research is the backbone of any strategy, and not enough can be said about its importance. Without knowing the proper information about the audience, product, modes of marketing costs associated etc, you will not be able to guide the ship in the right direction. PowerPoint Presentation: Strategy Time – According to Bradley Witham , the most important thing to remember is that you have to implement you marketing strategy with full force to achieve the desired effect in terms of results. Make sure to clearly define everything including budget – which is most important. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bradley Witham

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