Bradley Witham Is An Experienced And A Courteous Yoga Instructor

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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: moore284



PowerPoint Presentation: Bradley Witham Is An Experienced And A Courteous Yoga Instructor PowerPoint Presentation: Bradley Witham was born and brought up in San Antonio, but later on he, along with his mother, father, and a younger sister moved to South Carolina, Florida. His mother was a professional singer, and his father was a music composer. His sister too had a great interest in music, but Witham used to spend a lot of time while learning different techniques of yoga. He wanted to become a yoga instructor, so he did his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. PowerPoint Presentation: He entered into Yoga Teacher Training with a wish to intensify his practice and to figure out his place in the society. He was left with a deeper insight about himself, greater knowledge of the practice, and the assurance that whatever he will end up doing after this experience will be the right place, he always wanted to be. He assists people lead a healthier and a more satisfied lifestyle that supports their yoga practice. PowerPoint Presentation: He has taught yoga and group fitness classes at different fitness centers and universities in Tampa, Miami, Georgia, Orlando, and South Carolina, where Bradley Witham is currently residing. With his music education background, his specialties include kids yoga and prenatal classes. He hopes to help and motivate others through his yoga classes and by teaching a variety of yoga styles. PowerPoint Presentation: His experience and background in both traditional yoga and exercise science enables him to design effective and safe yoga programs for individuals from all walks of life. He discovered that every aspect of yoga has made him spiritually, physically, and mentally balanced. Witham wants to share yoga with as many people as possible. Whether it is a gentle healing restorative class or a powerful flow class, he finds options, making it accessible as well as safe for everyone. PowerPoint Presentation: Practicing yoga has significantly enhanced his flexibility and strength. Bradley Witham enjoys doing yoga and sharing his craze for it with others by directing them through classes. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bradley Witham

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