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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: gropartners



PowerPoint Presentation: Brand and Business Development Strategy GroPartners is a team of strategic and creative professionals who understand the challenges of connecting strategy and execution to realize business, brand, and marketing potential. Our experience shows that building brand value and alignment among all stakeholders–both internal and external–is an essential bridge between strategy and execution. This holistic approach to brand-building and marketing leads to better business results – such as premium pricing, competitive advantage, shorter sales cycles, and improved productivity and efficiencies. PowerPoint Presentation: Bridging strategy and execution Our experience with blue chip brands, combined with our nimble business model, allows us to offer big brand solutions with the urgency and practicality demanded by today’s commercial enterprises, including the middle market. Our experience and current clients include: 1. One of the largest insurance organizations in the US 2. A global biotech organization 3. A leading commercial lighting brand 4. A leading credit card and financial services organization 5. A leading educational software company 6. global leader in scientific optical technologies  PowerPoint Presentation: Process Brands are easier to manage and more profitable with the right process. GroPartners uses proven processes to measure, optimize, and operationalize brands throughout strategy and execution. If you’d like to learn more about how these processes can be applied to your corporate or product brand, complete the form in the right column so we can reach out to you. Solutions On any given day, your organization is stretching to meet challenges with solutions. GroPartners configures services into customized solutions that are easy to use, and aligned for sustainable growth. PowerPoint Presentation: Services GroPartners bridges the gap between true strategic consulting and marketing communications. Our services span the areas of marketing and brand strategies and brand engagement/marketing communications. Each service is delivered as part of a solution that addresses business goals. Strategic Alignment GroPartners Consulting helps B2B brands lower costs, improve margins and marketing effectiveness by aligning stakeholders, process, marketing, sales and innovation, business goals & objectives.  Our skillfully guided Strategic Summit Session delivers a robust outcome you can run with. No “draft and drop” consulting here. We follow through until you experience a value point. PowerPoint Presentation: M&A Brand Integration Studies by Booz-Allen & Hamilton indicate that over 70 percent of merger objectives go unmet. CFO Magazine reports a 50 percent overall drop-off in productivity in the four to eight months following a deal; just 23 percent earn their cost of capital. Online Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Replicate your top performers by providing a rich media channel for sharing best practices on what’s working, how, and why. When your people share successes in their own words, it promotes deeper meaning, greater adoption, and better business results. Peer-to-peer employee collaboration is a powerful force in operational zing any brand. PowerPoint Presentation: “Gro-to-Market” Planning The plan is the platform for growing revenues. GroPartners is in a unique position to provide “big picture” perspective in a detailed go-to-market plan format. Our unique style of planning integrates the business, brand, and marketing perspectives for plans that connect on all levels for better business results. For more information visit on website

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