BRANDfog 2016 Survey - CEOs, Social Media & Brand Reputation

Information about BRANDfog 2016 Survey - CEOs, Social Media & Brand Reputation

Published on June 2, 2016

Author: BRANDfog



1. CEOs, SOCIAL MEDIA, & BRAND REPUTATION 2016 BRANDfog Survey June 2016

2. BRANDfog specializes in Social Media Branding. We make senior executives more visible, powerful and influential across the Web. We raise the profile of the collective leadership team to establish industry influence that creates a halo effect for the entire brand. Who We Are 2 CEOS + SOCIAL MEDIA = BETTER LEADERSHIP

3. About Our 2016 BRANDfog Survey 3 Over the last four years, we’ve studied the significant role that social media plays in the development of industry leadership, brand trust, and brand reputation. Methodology BRANDfog’s 2016 Social Media Survey surveyed 500 US employees in diverse companies. The companies surveyed ranged in size from startups to Fortune 1000 companies, and spanned various industries.

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13. Thank You Email: [email protected] annmcharles annmcharles For more information about BRANDfog surveys and our services please contact us:

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