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Published on August 3, 2014

Author: DavidClark08


Content English Classes via Skype: English Classes via Skype Extremely dynamic method that maximizes students’ speaking time. We use well-structured material that covers a diversity of topics allowing you to progress rapidly as well as personalize the focus of your classes. Our highly qualified native teachers correct all of your mistakes and challenge you continuously. See METHOD/WHY US? See more detail information at English Classes via Skype: the Future of Learning English Effectively!: English Classes via Skype: the Future of Learning English Effectively! We know that learning English is not easy, and we’re not going to pretend it is. We also know that students who spend their precious time and hard-earned money to learn the language want real professionals who are going to push them hard and take them to their limits. For us, learning English is like going to the gym: most people who work out don’t expect to lose weight or get in shape overnight, they know they’re going to have to sweat and work hard to reach their goal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Learn more detail at / Business English Classes: Business English Classes Break Into English hires and trains highly qualified native English teachers to use a dynamic method that keeps students challenged with activities mainly focused on speaking and listening. We offer 1 to 1 and small group (up to 4 students) classes via Skype, in-company and at home. We have a well structured course with our own line of material that allows you to personalize your classes depending on your specific needs. One of our teachers’ priorities is to correct students’ mistakes and push them hard while keeping the class interesting and enjoyable . Learn more detail at Legal English Classes: Legal English Classes Due to the prevalence of the English language in international relations, as well as its role as a legal language within the European Union, traditional English language training is not sufficient to meet lawyers’ English language requirements. At Break Into English, we have developed a specialized Legal English manual that is thorough and systematic, with chapters on how laws are conceived and enacted, as well as on every major kind of law practiced today . Learn more detail at THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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