Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles - Enhance your Body Shape

Information about Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles - Enhance your Body Shape

Published on August 5, 2014

Author: PeterFodorMD



Types of Implants – Choose the Right One: Types of Implants – Choose the Right One PowerPoint Presentation: Do you dream of a new you? Want to stroll down on the beach of Florida, the Caribbean or Mexico next spring in bikini? Perhaps you think of showing off a perfect body shape that draws the lingering glances of others relaxing on the beach? But worried about your small breasts? You’re not alone. There are many who deal with the same problem without knowing that breast implants can give them the right confidence. If you’re ready for implants then you must go through the remaining slides. PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Breast Implants Before you meet your surgeon for breast surgery, make sure that you’re aware of the implant types. This will help you determine the right one. Silicone-Gel filled implants Saline filled implants Double-lumen implants PowerPoint Presentation: Silicone-Gel Filled Implants These implants consist of an elastomer envelope prefilled with a clear, sticky and thick jelly form of silicone. It comes in many sizes depending on the amount of augmentation desired. PowerPoint Presentation: Saline Filled Implants These implants contain saline, sterile salt water. The implant is surgically inserted while empty and is filled after it is placed. It doesn’t leak into the body and similar to other body fluids that are likely to be absorbed without harm. PowerPoint Presentation: Double-lumen Implants These implants consist of two lumens or envelopes one inside the other. In some models, the inner envelope is prefilled with silicone gel and the outer with saline at the time of surgery. In other models, the relationship is reversed. These implants are softer and appear to be more natural. PowerPoint Presentation: Want to change the appearance of your breasts? Contact Dr. Fodor who offers variety of cosmetic surgery options in Los Angeles. Contact now @ 310-203-9818 Visit

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