Bridging Offline and Digital Channels

Information about Bridging Offline and Digital Channels

Published on June 13, 2016

Author: IBMMEA



1. 1 A New Era of Thinking © 2016 IBM Corporation Bridging the Gap Between Offline and Digital Channels Tim Oakhill Worldwide Executive Marketing Strategist & SME, IBM #IBMCommerceME

2. Information Knowledge Wisdom

3. :08 seconds is our average attention span—shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds). 10+pieces of marketing content are researched during the buying process. 60% of the buying process is complete before a sales rep is engaged. Customers have become more sophisticated… Source: WPP

4. The biggest taxi company owns no cars. The largest accommodation company owns no real estate. The biggest media company owns no content. The largest retailer carries no inventory. Disruption is upon us.

5. 5 A New Era of Thinking What has changed in the World of Retail & eCommerce? © 2016 IBM Customers are more connected, more empowered and demand satisfaction Seamless customer interactions are sought across all channels Fulfillment models are being transformed with on-demand options

6. 6 A New Era of Thinking of companies say they have or are close to having a holistic view of their customers of consumers say their favorite retailer understands them Source: The Consumer Conversation – eConsultancy Report

7. 7 A New Era of Thinking of marketers agree that growth depends on personalization of marketers feel they have the tools to provide exceptional experiences Source: The Consumer Conversation – eConsultancy Report 88% 30%

8. 8 A New Era of Thinking By 2018, organizations who offer personalization will outsell companies who don’t by more than 30% 83% of retail CMOs include Analytics in their digital strategy to capture customer insights, while only 36% of retail CxOs say they have an integrated digital-physical strategy 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when, and how they interact Source: Gartner Research, CFI Group, IBM IBV Study Customer-to-Business paradigm sets a higher bar © 2015 IBM

9. Marketing Digital Marketing Lead Management Customer Experience Analytics Journey Design Omni-Channel Marketing Real-Time Personalization IBM Marketing Cloud IBM Marketing Software

10. Customer Analytics Social Analytics Predictive Analytics Customer Experience Analytics Cloud and Software Solutions

11. When digital intelligence meets digital business: The Cognitive Era… A new era in technology, a new era in business © 2015 IBM11

12. © 2015 IBM12 Driven by the power of Watson Understand the world through sensing and interaction. Reason using hypotheses and arguments. Learn from experts and through data. Cognitive systems can: Helping enterprises become Cognitive Businesses through the power of Cognitive Commerce.

13. For marketers and merchandisers © 2015 IBM13 Analyze trends To gain insights in real-time about what consumers are talking about, as well as what they are buying and why from a multitude of data sources.

14. To know what is trending and why Driven by the power of Watson © 2015 IBM14 IBM Watson Trend

15. For marketers © 2015 IBM15 Real-time personalization Through tools that continuously learn from individual interactions, marketers can optimize offers and content for each customer journey based on progressive discovery of intent.

16. To engage with personalized content © 2015 IBM16 Wherever customers and prospects are on their journey

17. For merchandisers © 2015 IBM17 Commerce Insights to gain in context insight and obtain recommended actions based on real-time evidence.

18. To understand performance © 2015 IBM18

19. For leaders and practitioners to master the art of the possible… © 2015 IBM19 To deliver personalized messages and offers through intuitive always on engagement Delivered at the just right moment seamlessly across all channels Driven by insights to pivot between aggregate trends and individual behaviors …Deeper human engagement

20. 20 ©2016 IBM Corporation The Price of not knowing.

21. 21 A New Era of Thinking 21 21 | A New Era of Thinking Learn More! Marketing Solutions: en/marketing/?lnk=WH_marketing Customer Experience Analytics: en/customeranalytics/?lnk=WH_customeranalytics

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