Bruce Piermarini - A Creative Expressionist With Artistic Skills

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Published on December 25, 2013

Author: Piermarini11



PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini - A Creative Expressionist With Extraordinary Artistic Skills PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini is a creative expressionist, artist and painter. He is acknowledged for his brilliant art work, which is characterized by uniqueness, perfection and, an inherent meaning. He has been an amazing abstract painter for more than twenty five years. With his unique and prodigious artistic skills, he has created many masterpieces, which are absolutely breathtaking. PowerPoint Presentation: His art work has been displayed and well liked at a number of individual as well as group exhibitions worldwide. Some of the exhibitions, where his paintings have been displayed are The Fluid Microcomic, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, Massachusetts in 2010, Selected Works, Museum of New New Painting, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2009, Recent Acquisitions, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Michigan in 2008, Looking at Art: A Primer, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida in 2007, his solo exhibition New Large Paintings at the Museum of New New Painting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the year 2006 and more. PowerPoint Presentation: He was born and raised in Leominster in Central Massachusetts. Piermarini enrolled in a BFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 1975. There he studied with the Color Field painters, Dan Christensen, Ronnie Landfield, and Larry Zox. He was highly impressed with the styles of Larry Poons and Morris Louis. Later, he studied at Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. After receiving his MFA degree , Bruce Piermarini went back to Massachusetts and associated with the painters who later became popular as the New New Painters. PowerPoint Presentation: New New Painting is one of the most recent chapters in the history of modernist painting. Basically it is a blend of color field painting and abstract expressionism with the visual effects of Pop Art. With his extravagant artistry, Bruce Piermarini has painted a number of paintings, which demonstrate his amazing sense of vision. He uses plastic foam and acrylic paint, to create paintings, which are buoyant, lighter with shiny surfaces. Also, he utilizes colors that are direct, varied, and limpid. PowerPoint Presentation: His latest paintings are his most fabulous yet. The most remarkable feature of these paintings is their stunning virtuosity. Piermarini explores different way of expressing the mysterious, metaphorical, and beautiful qualities of paint and is truly a maestro in his genre of painting. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bruce Piermarini

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