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Published on January 28, 2014

Author: Piermarini11



PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini - An Immensely Talented Amazing Painter PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini was born and spent his childhood in Leominster Massachusetts and is the oldest of his siblings. His childhood and teenage experience there helped him shape his painting aesthetic. As a teenager, he worked in a factory after school as a plastic injection molding machine operator, where molten plastic was injected into moulds to make plastic objects, and there his interest in abstraction was piqued by the lava like flow and solidification of the molten colored plastic. He also played in a rock band where he played, the organ, and the harmonica, and played the saxophone in a marching band. In 1975, he studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and there he became familiar with the Color Field painters Larry Zox, Dan Christensen, and Ronnie Landfield. He immediately identified with and appreciated the work of Larry Poons and Morris Louis and was subsequently heavily influenced by their painting style. PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini was a graduate student at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore from 1978 to 1980. At The Maryland Institute, Mount Royal School of Painting, he was inspired by the Internationally known conceptual artist Salvatore Scarpita, and made a number of conceptual pieces such as one called “Crushed Canoe”, a canoe which had been flattened by a steamroller, and documented by video an black and white still shots, which were exhibited along with the crushed canoe artifact. He also worked assiduously on his painting under the tutelage of Babe Shapiero, a well-known New York painter, known for his Op and Pop Art style. There he gained the confidence and refined techniques that are attributable to his work ethic and clearly shown in his recent work. After obtaining his degree from Maryland Institute, College of Art, he traveled back to Massachusetts, where he maintains his painting studio, and joined the group of painters who later became the “New New Painters.” PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini has been painting for over 30 years. He paints in the winter season, as he says, “ The light is better in winter. The stark contrast of light with the snow heightens the effect it has on color sensibility. Colors seem brighter, more intense and much more emotive. In winter colors have a new meaning, they are heavier, more lively, lighter more dramatic.” His winter paintings have always dazzled people with their wild energy and newness. Every inch of his studio is decorated with new works. The paintings he makes leap out from every direction and people have appreciated his work by calling it both thrilling and inspiring. His paintings are highly unique, sophisticated and every picture has a different concept. He is truly an immensely talented amazing painter. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bruce Piermarini

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