Bruce Piermarini Is The Proud Owner Of Piermarini Pools & Patios

Information about Bruce Piermarini Is The Proud Owner Of Piermarini Pools & Patios

Published on January 28, 2014

Author: Piermarini11



PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini Is The Proud Owner Of Piermarini Pools & Patios PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini founded Piermarini Pools & Patios in 1977 and the company was established on the principles of excellent customer service, hard work, with a focused and professional attitude. This establishment abides by these principles and follows these qualities along with outstanding quality, which keeps their customers highly satisfied. They have built a great number of pools in the region, and they have an extensive list of references which is available upon request. They have maintained their reputation by offering top quality and making a friendly relationship with their customers. The company wants each and every customer to feel comfortable and happy with the construction process and that is why they welcome any questions or concerns at all times. PowerPoint Presentation: They provide a wide range of services that include renovation, chemicals EZ-Clor, upgrade features, layout and excavation, decking, water testing, pumps and filters, liner changes, and safety covers. Their numerous services help the customers to improve the look of their whole backyard. Whether it is a small projects or a big one, they make beautiful designs that work for the customers and their home. PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini is the proud owner of Piermarini Pools & Patios and this company is a member of the Backyard Escape program. They provide products which are proven to be both durable and reliable. The establishment ensures quality in every project with their highly advanced construction process and products. They also offer a full warranty for their pool products, which can provide a lifetime of unlimited fun and enjoyment to their customers. With the customers direct input they can transform their backyard into a spa escape or an entertainment room under the sun and stars. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bruce Piermarini

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