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Published on March 4, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini – Owner Of Piermarini Pools & Patios Offers Leading Solutions PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini is the owner of Piermarini Pools & Patios inc., which is a member of the Backyard Escape program. The company assures exceptional quality in every project with their highly advanced construction processes and products. They offer reliable and durable high quality products that are up to date and conform to top industry standards. They also provide a complete warranty for their pools and products, and most importantly, they service what they build, assuring the customer a lifetime of maximum use and trouble free operation. The clients can work confidently with our pool designers to help them change their backyard into a paradise that specifically suits their needs. Whether it is pool lighting, water features, heating or salt systems, Piermarini Pools and Patios, Inc. does it all. PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini established Piermarini Pools & Patios in 1977. The company was built on the principles of exceptional and satisfactory customer service, and hard work with a professional attitude. This company follows these principles and takes these qualities seriously, which keeps their clients completely satisfied. They have built hundreds of pools in the area, and will provide a list of references, which is ready upon request. They have maintained their reputation by providing a quality product and creating a friendly relationship with their clients. The company and staff wants each customer to feel assured and comfortable with the process of construction so they welcome any concerns and queries at anytime. PowerPoint Presentation: Piermarini Pools offers an extensive range of services and products including EZ-Clor pool chemicals, in-ground renovation, layout and excavation, upgrade features, water testing, decking, liner changes, pumps and filters, and safety covers. Their services help clients to alter the look of their entire backyard. Whether it is a small project like a liner change or safety cover, to a full installation with all the bells and whistles, they do it all, making your yard and home beautiful and enticingly inviting. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bruce Piermarini

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