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Published on July 15, 2014




BSMMU: BSMMU IP TELEPHONY SYSTEM What is IP telephone system : What is IP telephone system IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet -switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information Advantages of IP Telephony: Advantages of IP Telephony Significant cost savings using VoIP providers(Very cheap/ Free compared to long-distance calls cost -- there are no fees beyond the cost of Internet access.) Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface Scalable Much easier to install & configure than a proprietary phone system Eliminate phone wiring Better customer service & productivity Twice the phone system features for half the price Better phone usability: SIP phones are easier to use What is IP PABX Exchange: What is IP PABX Exchange Provides telephone calls over IP data networks. All are data packets Provides advanced communication features like robustness that all enterprises seek and also able to connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional gateway Simple VOIP System Diagram: Simple VOIP System Diagram Traditional PBX System of BSSMMU: Traditional PBX System of BSSMMU Bottleneck of the Current System: Bottleneck of the Current System Random disconnection. Individual connection to each user. Low extension capability of the PBX Device expired, no accessories and hardware support . ……..So need a Hybrid ANALOG-DIGITAL System Proposed BSMMU IP Phone System: Proposed BSMMU IP Phone System Benefits of BSMMU Proposed System: Benefits of BSMMU Proposed System All of the benefits of IP Telephony System. No major changes to existing PBX Network so don’t need to remove old devices. Future scalability Provide latest features. Thank you…: Thank you…

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