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Published on July 8, 2014

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Business Planning Process: Business Planning Process What is Business Planning : What is Business Planning Business planning is something that we do a regular basis each year. The process of business planning is to first identify where you have been. PowerPoint Presentation: Look at the business you did last year and the year before. How did cash flow into your business? Do you know which months were stronger which months were weaker? Did you factor in seasonality when you began to lay out a plan? Business plan: Business plan You may have heard it said, “He who fails to plan actually plans to fail”.  In this business we want to take every precaution that we can to be successful. Having a business plan is absolutely necessary to get where you would like to go.  Steps: Steps Write a Business Plan Get Business Assistance and Training Choose a Business Location Finance Your Business Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business Register a Business Name PowerPoint Presentation: Get a Tax Identification Number Register for State and Local Taxes Obtain Business Licenses and Permits Understand Employer Responsibilities Contact Us: Contact Us Fidelity Coaching, Inc. Coronado, CaliforniaTelephone :(619) 429-3455FAX:(619) 377-4662E-mail: [email protected] Thank You : Thank You For more details about business planning to visit

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