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Published on March 10, 2014

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Busse's Lock Service: Busse's Lock Service Busse's Lock Service was founded on a back porch in 1982 by the Busse family. Since then we've grown into a Raleigh fixture, with a retail shop and three mobile shops. The Busses have been very active in the locksmith industry, teaching classes to others and serving on the NC Locksmith Licensing Board and the board of the NC Locksmith's Association Access Control: Access Control Access control can be as simple as a single keypad lock or as comprehensive as a system controlling thousands of users with access ID badges and dozens of doors with custom schedules.  It can also offer the safety and convenience of a receptionist's button to control visitor access into your facility. Break the cycle of repeated rekeying and key distribution. Gain control of your facility once and for all with a custom access control solution from Busse's Lock Service. Popular locations for access control are pools and clubhouses, medical offices, jewelry and other retail stores, schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and offices. Automotive Services: Automotive Services Starting in the mid-1990's most car manufacturers began installing transponders in their car keys. The transponder is part of an electronic anti-theft system that is totally separate from your car alarm and the remote-entry fob, and can even be found on cars that have neither of these features. The transponder is a small electronic chip embedded in the handle of the key. When you turn the key in the ignition, the on-board computer sends out a radio signal. Unless the computer receives the proper response signal from the chip, the car won’t run! This prevents someone from driving your car even if they circumvent or destroy the mechanical lock.  Please Visit For More Information: Please Visit For More Information http://www.busseslocks.com call us at 919-828-9605. 

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