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Published on July 17, 2014

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USA Advantage : USA Advantage Your key to Successful Property Ownership What USA Advantage offers: What USA Advantage offers High Quality Greatest Quantity Largest Variety Consistent Professionalism Visually Appealing Who We are: Who We are At USA Advantage, we are able to guide you through the complexity of the USA Real Estate Investment to make the process as easy as investing in your home market. We have offer a wide range of property priced from as little as $12,000. This low pricing means that the investment yields are often greater than 30%, with exceptional potential for capital appreciation. Testimonials: Testimonials I have been offered many opportunities to purchase land and/or property in the USA. I decided to go with USA Advantage because of their professionalism and knowledge of their products.  They did not pressurize me to buy, on the contrary they listened to what I wanted and delivered.  They assisted me in the purchase every step of the way. I recommend them to anyone who wants to take advantage of purchasing property or land in the USA. Lubna Zafar –  London UK - January 23 2014 Just a note to compliment USA Advantage on the professional service you provided to enable me to invest in US Property. Clearly the US housing market has reached the bottom and is beginning to rebound very quickly so your speedy and complete service made the process of purchasing in a good area very easy! Peter Joshling – Sep 2013 Contact US: Contact US SA Advantage Property LLC, 2510 Warren Ave, Cheyenne WY 82001 (425)274-4500

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