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Published on July 20, 2014

Author: courtneyreddy



Project Garage Sale for:: Project Garage Sale for: Courtney Reddy [email protected] 7/15/14 EEX 4070 Canines for Disabled Kids: Canines for Disabled Kids Mission: To support the creation of child-canine service teams to promote independence and social awareness. Canines for Disabled Kids is a non-profit organization. They are based out of Massachusetts but service children from all over. They travel the country raising public awareness and education about assistance dogs. CDK get assistance dogs for children with all different types of disabilities. PowerPoint Presentation: CDK provides all types of assistance dogs. Dogs for Psychiatric Disabilities Guide Dogs Hearing Dogs Medical/Seizure Alert Dogs Social Dogs Therapy Dogs Traditional Service Dogs Walker or Balance Dogs On their website there are 66 success stories from children with a variety of disabilities and that is not all of them, just the ones who are not shy. Demographics The Garage Sale: The Garage Sale Planning: Where will the garage sale be? When will it be? Where will I get items for the garage sale? How will I advertise it? Who will be on my team? Planning the sale took up most of my hours (10) because there was a lot to do in order to make it as successful as possible. PowerPoint Presentation: This is the poster that I used to advertise my garage sale. I also provided the link to the CDK website and brief information about the organization on the community social media pages. Garage Sale in Action: Garage Sale in Action PowerPoint Presentation: $289.00 LATER Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences My thoughts before completing the project is that this opportunity is a great one! My thoughts after completing the service-learning is the same! For this specific service-learning project, I was not working directly with students with disabilities, instead I was raising money for a cause that helps children with disabilities. However, in the past I have worked with multiple students with a variety of disabilities. I have to say that the moments that have had the most impact on me is seeing the smile on the students face when the student accomplishes something that they have been working so hard on. Connections to Your Course: Connections to Your Course Unfortunately, not working directly with students with disabilities for this project made it less likely to use what I have learned about students with disabilities. After learning so much information about students with disabilities, it is great to be able to use that information in real life situations. When actually working with students with disabilities, ones understanding of the concepts from the course really come to life. Something that I have been able to take from the course is the important and power behind a great community! Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement My perspective on civic engagement and volunteerism is that it is amazing. Not everyone has time to spare but for those people that do, there are not many better feelings than the feeling that you get when you know that you are helping people. Service-learning is a great method of learning because so many lessons can come out of it. Some lessons that can come out of service-learning is responsibility, empathy, and understanding. This experience has definitely motivated me to be more engaged in the future. I was so surprised with the amount of people in my community that donated items and money to the cause. I am excited to see what else I can bring to the community. I would absolutely encourage teachers and students to embrace service-learning in the future. It is a great experience for everyone. Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections I could help others become involved by sharing my personal experience and creating more service-learning opportunities in my community. Once everyone can see the positive outcomes from working toward greater understanding, empathy, and opportunities for persons with disabilities, there will be more volunteerism to jump on board and help! I think teachers are truly paramount to the “ greater good ” of society. Children spend so much of their time with their teacher at school and they can learn many more important things other than academics if their teacher chooses to do so. I think teachers should also teach about real world topics like embracing each others differences.

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