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Published on August 4, 2014

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Carpet Cleaners Portland : Carpet Cleaners Portland Rug Washing at Renaissance rug We provide traditional hand washing of rugs in Portland. See for yourself why Portland's top rug dealers recommend Renaissance . Portland's Rug Cleaning & Repair Experts!: Portland's Rug Cleaning & Repair Experts! Renaissance is a family owned specialty workshop dedicated to traditional hand washing and restoration of oriental rugs and related textiles .  Owned by Randy and Valerie Hyde, who met while working in the trade for several well known rug cleaning, retail, and wholesale companies in Portland.  They each have more than 25 years experience in cleaning and repairing oriental rugs and textiles. We have earned our reputation with Portland's top rug dealers and rug enthusiasts see for yourself why they recommend Renaissance for cleaning and repair.  RUG WASHING: RUG WASHING We specialize in traditional hand washing of oriental rugs and related textiles.  We wash rugs without the use of scrubbing machines, shampoo, or automated systems.  While slower and more time consuming, our hands-on conscientious approach allows us to remove many spots and stains others miss.  Many common issues such as pet odors, moth infestations, and wine spills are easily removed and without the use of harsh chemicals or aditional upsell pricing. Most rugs can be safely and thoroughly washed. Even fragile textiles and those with dye/color instability issues can be safely cleaned by  our knowledgeable and experienced rug washers. All of our cleaning products are formulated free of perfumes, deodorizers, optical brighteners, and are non-toxic. RUG REPAIR: RUG REPAIR We specialize in hand repairs from stabilizing ends and sides, to complex reweaving. Less expensive repair options exist such as gluing, machine binding, and patching. However, these shortcuts often destroy the value and aesthetic appeal of a collectible textile. Even worse, these methods employ dissimilar materials such as adhesives or synthetic yarns that result in accelerated deterioration and aditional damage over time. Ultimatly repair stratigies should be based on age, value and intended use, not profit or convenience. As always, there is no cost for repair consutation , identfying a rug and verbal valuation. Care &  Spot Cleaning Tips : Care &  Spot Cleaning Tips  Vacuuming  Rugs should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove and lessen the build up of abrasive soils. Care should be take while vacuuming around the fringes so they do not get sucked up into the vacuum and cause damage. Rotating  Rotating rugs, turning them end for end, helps to even out wear and soiling. We recomend that this be done seasonally. Padding Padding extends the life of a rug and reduces slipping and tripping hazzards. Padding also helps to provide a barrier to protect wood floors from liquid based spills seeping through a rug damaging floors . Washing  Cleaing intervals depend on enviroment and use of the rug.  The average washing interval is every 2-4 years. However, rugs in commercial enviroments or high traffic and or high soil areas often require more frequent cleaning.  Rugs for Sale: Rugs for Sale Chain stitch rug Hand made in India 3.9 x 5.8 $50.00 Iranian Tabriz Hand woven 2.3 x 2.10 pictorial rug $50.00 PowerPoint Presentation: For more information please visit Renaissance Rug Cleaning, Inc. 1926 SE 10th Ave Portland, Oregon 97214 503-963-8565

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