Carpets in UK – Types and Tips

Information about Carpets in UK – Types and Tips

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: EricParker



Carpets in UK – Types and Tips : Carpets in UK – Types and Tips PowerPoint Presentation: Online Carpet Shopping – There are numerous online websites which offer carpets in various designs, makes, shapes, sizes and materials. You also have the facility to zoom in and check the intricacy of the designs of the carpets which gives you a fair idea of the weave, the material and the colors. Only point to be considered is that sometimes there is a difference in colors when you check out online because of the screen color display. PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Carpets – There are a variety of carpets but the two most popular ones are woven carpets and tufted carpets. Woven carpets are available in two major patterns which include Wilton or Axminster are plain and upto 5 colors are available while Axminster carpets. Wilton carpets, both these carpets are manufactured traditionally but tufted patterns are easier and speedier to make . PowerPoint Presentation: The variety of carpets available online include berber carpets, level loop pile, multi-loop pile, cut pile, Saxony, frieze, twist, velvet, shag pile, cut & loop, flat weave and more other than the above mentioned types. But, out of the carpets mentioned latter, berber carpets are highly popular and their demand is growing day by day. The reason being simple- these carpets are highly luxurious and durable also. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You! For more information Visit our website

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