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Published on July 24, 2014

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CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Presents: CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Presents Manners at the Dog Park? – Yes Please! PowerPoint Presentation: Have you been thinking of taking a trip to the local dog park? A canine gathering can be wonderful if everyone remembers their manners. Polite behavior, alongside personal respect, is crucial when a group of people and dogs get together. Read on to learn great dog park etiquette and how to achieve it! Become a Dog Trainer! PowerPoint Presentation: For many of us, our dogs are like our children, right? That is why it is important to make sure they behave properly, just like we would if it was our child playing in the park. Your dog’s behavior is your responsibility. Become a Dog Trainer! Dog Park Manners – Etiquette Explained: Dog Park Manners – Etiquette Explained Here is a list of but a few of the tips available: Take caution when nearing a dog that is on leash. The dog may be experiencing barrier frustration or fear and if any dog bounds up to him while he is one of these emotional states, it may trigger an aggressive reaction . Always pick up after your dog, no-one wants to step in a stinky mess. Become a Dog Trainer! PowerPoint Presentation: Watch the behavior of other dogs carefully – look out for bullying by your dog or others. You can see this when one dog doesn’t want to continue the interaction and the other just keeps coming. Some basic research on canine behavior will prepare you to read dog-to-dog communication and we highly recommend it for both fascination and safety . Become a Dog Trainer! PowerPoint Presentation: It’s okay to bring along a toy if there is ample space in the park or you are alone with your dog.  But, be very selective in whether or not it’s a good time to play. Toys create natural competition between dogs (so does food in the dog park, sometimes even water). Don’t expect other dogs to leave your toy alone just because you were the one who brought it ! Match your dog up with a playmate that seems to have the same style. How do you know? If both dogs keep coming back to each other to play, they are probably a great match. Become a Dog Trainer! PowerPoint Presentation: Remember! A properly socialized and well-managed dog can make it fun everyone in the dog park, including of course himself. A doggy diplomat knows to greet newcomers with a little space, and how to have fun with the “regulars” in the park who want to play. Become a Dog Trainer! PowerPoint Presentation: We hope you enjoyed these helpful tips for your next trip to the dog park. For more information read the full article on our blog! If you love dogs, think about becoming a dog trainer With us today!

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