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Published on August 11, 2014

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Centura Tile: Centura Tile Centura Tile is a top flooring company in North America offering porcelain tile and ceramic tile Toronto residents can hope! http://www.centura.ca/ Comparison : Ceramic Tile Porcelain Tile: Comparison : Ceramic Tile Porcelain Tile http://www.centura.ca/ Ceramic Tile: Ceramic Tile http://www.centura.ca/ About Ceramic Tile: About Ceramic Tile Lower in cost compared to porcelain tile. Well controlled manufacturing processes are used. Has a low rate of water absorption so suitable for wall and floors. http://www.centura.ca/ Porcelain Tile: Porcelain Tile http://www.centura.ca/ About Porcelain Tile: About Porcelain Tile Requires high rigidly controlled manufacturing process. Denser and more impressive to liquids Has a higher breaking strength Is fired at high temp becoming 30% harder than natural stone http://www.centura.ca/ Ceramic Tile And Porcelain Tile: Ceramic Tile And Porcelain Tile Porcelain is more durable and better suited for heavy usage. Ceramic are better for residential use. http://www.centura.ca/ To Know more about tiles you can visit at : : To Know more about tiles you can visit at : www.centura.ca

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