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Published on July 30, 2014

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Welcome to Debate 2014-2015 10th Grade: Welcome to Debate 2014-2015 10 th Grade Chad Everett [email protected] About the Teacher: About the Teacher   University of Memphis, Memphis, TN B.P.S., Paralegal Studies   Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis, TN A.A.S ., Paralegal Studies 2010, Litigation Concentration A.A.S., Computer Engineering Technology 2010   Course Information: Course Information Debate B-103 [email protected] Book(s) Basic Debate – 4 th Edition Supplemental Articles Materials 1 3-ring Binder Writing Instrument Class Updates : Class Updates Join the class Remind101 group to receive updates via text message Text @ ceve to (206) 489-3132 Bring Your Own Device Policy: Bring Your Own Device Policy You may use devices for instructional purposes when the BYOD sign is turned to green. BYOD Commands Screen Pop – You have 3 seconds to turn your device where I can see the screen. Ready Position – Your device should be placed face down on the top left corner of your desk. Testing Position – I should not be able to see your device at all. Attendance: Attendance If you are tardy, please sign the book on the table by the door and have a seat. If you are absent, please check the class blog for assignments: / mreverettsclass Classroom Procedures: Classroom Procedures Upon entering the classroom, begin completing the bell work. I will announce 5 minutes left before class ends. You may pack your belongings AFTER this announcement. Grading Policy: Grading Policy *A – 90-100 B – 80-89 C – 70-79 D – 65-69 F – 0-64 *Board Policy IHA Homework: Homework The only homework you will receive is to prepare for in-class debates. This means that you must be responsible and devote an adequate amount of time to study and preparation. Types of Debate : Types of Debate This course focuses on two types of debate Team Policy Debate This debate will test your ability to research and work as a member of a team.* Lincoln-Douglas Debate Head-to-head This will test your skills of persuasion and logic *Students who fail to participate in group research will be given an alternate assignment PowerPoint Presentation: ? Questions

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