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Published on August 5, 2014

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HOPE FOR MY FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT: HOPE FOR MY FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT Chalice Scholarship Programme Hope For My Future: Hope For My Future Was designed to provide University access to capable students in the Chalice sponsorship programme, who otherwise could not afford post-secondary education. In February 2012 a pilot of this project gave two young women that opportunity. Pilot Students: Pilot Students Mariela “I am very grateful for all the support I received from Chalice which generated a great impact on my personal and professional life…” Tatiana “Your support has been a light of hope for me because now I can say that there is generous people willing to help others in this world. I am very lucky to have your support because without such support I would not be able to study…” Hope For My Future: Hope For My Future In 2013: 8 exceptional students from Bolivia were awarded with scholarships. These students traveled to the city of La Paz from many different sponsor sites across Bolivia. From Guadalupe Site: From Guadalupe Site Maribel From PENNT Site: From PENNT Site Noemi Amilcar Vanessa PENNT CON’T: PENNT CON’T Maribel Jhonny From Yapacani: From Yapacani Ana Viviana PowerPoint Presentation: Chalice Latin America and the Mercantil Santa Cruz Bank signed an Agreement. The bank would provide the scholarships. Chalice would provide costs of food, travel, housing and other expenses for each student. New Students: New Students In 2014: 15 new students got their scholarships and joined the current students in La Paz. From Guadalupe: From Guadalupe Adela Irene Luz Omar Rocio Alejo From Fatima: From Fatima Ronni is the oldest of 6 children in his family, he is very sociable and he is constantly striving to improve. From Levantate Mujer: From Levantate Mujer Elsa is the oldest of 5 children in her family. She is very intelligent being recognized as one of the best students in her school. From PENNT: From PENNT David Miguel is a teenager eager to excel in life; he is enthusiastic, skilled, productive and versatile. He always showed solidarity with his friends and with the Site´s staff. is very responsible with his education, he got very good grades at school. David is also very positive, adapts easily, and is a generous person. From Yapacani: From Yapacani Arminda Efrain is a person who fights to reach her goals; she is flexible, ambitious and confident. She also is a member of the Salesian Youth Group in Yapacani. In 2012 he served in the army. Efrain is an athletic boy. He loves football, and he was hired by several community teams to play on their soccer teams. Yapacani Con’t: Yapacani Con’t Gualberto Carla is a very hard-working and generous person; he is confident, active and motivated to achieve his goals. He demonstrates responsibility in all his activities. He also does community service by helping with church activities in Yapacani. began to work in a house as a maid in order to save some money to cover her expenses at school. She also participates in the activities of the church in Yapacani; she looks after the children. PowerPoint Presentation: The bank organized a national event for those who wanted to support the scholarship program. Funds were collected by Chalice beneficiaries, PENNT, and Fatima sponsor site staff in La Paz and Cochabamba cities. Living in La Paz: Living in La Paz Chalice rents 4 apartments (2 for boys and 2 for girls). Boys Apartment: Boys Apartment They are all equipped with stoves, fridges, beds, tables, chairs, etc. Girls Apartments: Girls Apartments Chalice furnishes the apartments. Chalice Canada: Chalice Canada Chalice donated 4 laptops (one for each apartment) Program: Program Students are enrolled in 6 subjects a semester. Students must also participate in a required community service component (20 hours). Workshops: Workshops New students have psychology workshops every Friday. Topics discussed include: Friendship Relationships Sexuality Hygiene Team work Self-esteem Workshops Con’t: Workshops Con’t All students were invited to participate in weekend workshops called “ mision caracter ” discussing Values Principles Leadership Program Success Story: Program Success Story Mariela was selected to do a month long cultural program offered by the US Embassy to student leaders who are strong academically. While in the United States Mariela worked hard, but also got to visit such places as Harvard University, and the White House. PowerPoint Presentation: Mariela was given a scholarship from the US Embassy to study English in La Paz. “I believe young leaders is what the world needs now” Thanks to the Chalice Scholarship Programme and generous donations more students have hope for their future.: Thanks to the Chalice Scholarship Programme and generous donations more students have hope for their future.

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Chalice Scholarship Programme
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Chalice Scholarship Programme