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Published on March 29, 2008

Author: praveenies



Slide1:  ..\061012-child-labor[1].jpg Introduction Child Labour IEG 7th March, 2008 , Praveen kuamr 1 Slide2:  Child Labour 2 Slide3:  Child labour Child labour in figures (global estimates 2002) = knowledge Majority boys Majority girls 3 Slide4:  4 Slide5:  5 The global experiences……….. Britain : Roberts Peel's factories act 1802 Incidence of child labour remained very high U.S experience: child labor control act 1837 Faster decline in child labour between 1880-1910. What do other studies say………….? Moehling 1999: law had very little effect on the incidence of child labour in Britain Should the govt intervene ……………? There is need for formal empirical analysis of the effect of the law on child labour , the broad evidence suggests that the effect may not be what people take it to be at face value . Indeed it can be shown that when it comes to the use of a fine for employing children the effect can be the opposite of what we may expect . Slide6:  Should the firms employing child be fined? A house hold sends its children to work in order to escape poverty and starvation , now There is a new law whereby firms are fined whenever they are caught using child clearly this will cause the wage for child labour to drop this is because children are now less input for firms. But this in turn will mean children will have to work even harder to be able to earn the target income (subsistence- level) Empirically , consider a lobour market in which each household consists one adult and several children in a labour market , adults and children are perfect substitutes. The adult always supplies labour perfectly inelastically , where as children work only to the extent of subsistence. 6 IPEC Slide7:  7 Slide8:  8 Slide9:  Concluding remarks: Which agency to control ? National government International bodies Or Ordinary consumers But again Inadequate access Northern protectionism. Direct or indirect approach . Close analysis required . Sources : ILO and Planning Commission Of India

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